With his first step into the world of cinema, he simply said 'Kaho Na... Pyaar Hai', and millions of fans around the world replied 'Kaha Na... Pyaar Hai'. So what keeps that love alive even years later? In the beginning it was about Hrithik Roshan, the STAR. With his first Filmfare award speech, the audience got a glimpse of Hrithik Roshan, the PERSON. And it is because of this very person why millions of us in every corner of the world and at every walk of life continue to reply 'Kaha Na... Pyaar Hai'.

And from that same 'pyaar' comes a family of fans, who have dedicated a group, and then a website to the man that captured our awareness just a few years ago. At A New Face For a New Century (Now Hrithikrules.com Forum), we continue to grow together as a family as we learn more about our idol, the man that brought us together in the first place. Hrithik Roshan, the quintessence of the word 'idol' in every way. Talented, hardworking, always willing to take on a challenge, Hrithik, the person, has re-invented the actor within each film he's done. He is a role model for us all, and we can only hope to emulate his view of life and follow in his footsteps of hard work and in overcoming our fears to reach our goals.

On occasion, we may disagree with some of his decisions, but we will continue to support him. Akin to any standard entity, some of Hrithik Roshan's decisions have been off beam. However, without displaying any feeling of resentment, he is at all times eager to learn from the mistakes he has made. Via candid interviews, Hrithik tells us why he made some of the decisions, which further energizes the perception that he is a true idol for all ages - young to old as well as fans from all walks of life around the world. Hrithik Roshan is a universal form of sincerity and creativity. Despite Hrithik experiencing instantaneous phenomenal success, he has maintained his sensible stance. This opportune feature positions him as one of the most self-effacing persons in the industry.

At A New Face (Now Hrithikrules.com Forum), and at its affiliated site Hrithik Rules, Hrithik's many fans work hard to show the world that our 'Duggu' is one in a million. We strive to support him in his effort to rise to the top of the ladder of his dreams, and in doing so, find ourselves climbing our own ladders. With the site HrithikRules.com, we showcase our talents through upholding Hrithik. When we commit to something, we get it done. We continue to challenge ourselves in the upkeep of this website and the group. Every day, our 'DuFamily' grows and thus, our 'pyaar' grows.

Our goal at A New Face (Now Hrithikrules.com Forum) and HrithikRules.com is to continue to support Hrithik while following his example in our day to day lives. Hrithik has given many of his fans the courage needed to stand up for their beliefs, have hope, and overcome the hurdles in life. It's this very thing about Hrithik, and his impact on our daily lives that keeps us here, united, in a family of love and support.

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