Hrithik Roshan's knee-deep in pain

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik Roshan's knee-deep in pain

Source: Mid Day

Date: February 23, 2013


Hrithik Roshan shot for a soft drink ad in Bali despite a severe ache in his leg


They say no pain, no gain. Suppressing an excruciating pain in his knee, Hrithik Roshan recently shot for an ad campaign in Bali, that involved sky diving.


Sources say that the actor was overseas to shoot for a soft drink ad. And unfortunately, a chronic pain in his knee returned during that time.


A source says,“Hrithik, who has just become the brand ambassador of the soft drink that was previously endorsed by Salman Khan, was in Bali earlier this month. The pain made it difficult for him to shoot the ad. Considering the deadline and the fact that they were racing against time, Hrithik shot the ad with painkillers.”

Apparently Hrithik was required to do some daredevil stunts for the commercial. The source states, “In one of the sequences he had to sky dive from a helicopter. He had to fold his knees for the scene. Hrithik experienced so much pain that he could not shoot and a break was announced.”

However, the actor didn’t want to delay the shoot as he was scheduled to return to Mumbai to oversee the editing of his upcoming sequel directed by his father.

The source adds, “After a three-hour break, Hrithik decided to go ahead with the shoot. He completed the schedule but his pain was visible.”

Hrithik however chooses to downplay the incident and says, “Not true. Was a tough shoot but I was okay.”