Father's Day Special: Hrithik Blogs

Published On: 2015-01-17

Author: Hrithik Roshan

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Hrithik on Rakesh Roshan


He sees not a statue, but a reflection of his own victorious journey as a Father. A Father, who chose to see his son as a champion even when he wasn't one. With an IRON FIST he pushed me off the cliff believing I will learn how to fly. That's the hardest thing a father can do. Here he sees, not me but an embodiment of his own Courage, Sacrifices n Beliefs And no matter where I go or how much I achieve, that look in his eyes will always be my GREATEST VICTORY. 


Thank you for creating the challenges so early in my life. Made me frown then but i'm smiling now. and thank you for teaching not by the whip(well most times) but by being the toughest act to follow. Today I KNOW that I will do right by my sons..because I have a father who did right by me!