Eye spy

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Shaheen Parkar

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Eye spy


Source: Mid Day

Date: July 16, 2013

By: Shaheen Parkar


To ward off further risks, Hrithik Roshan opted for an eye check-up post his brain surgery


Considering that the brain and the eyes are equal partners in vision, Hrithik Roshan is taking no chances. After his recent brain surgery, the star underwent an eye test at a clinic at Juhu Scheme.


Hrithik was spotted at Dr Himanshu Mehta's clinic on Friday. The ophthalmologist has apparently several B-Town folk as his patients including the Roshans.


Says an onlooker,“ Hrithik walked into the clinic around noon with his security folk. He was wearing a hooded T- shirt. The patients were taken by surprise to see him suddenly saunter in. As he had just had an operation, no one went up to him. He appeared cheerful and flashed a smile at everyone.” Adds the source, “ The star had been advised an eye examination after his recent brain surgery. He does not want any strain to his eyes, as he will be sitting for the editing of his upcoming superhero film. He underwent a thorough vision test and everything seems fine.” Hrithik underwent a brain surgery on July 7 at a hospital at Khar. The star had been complaining of severe headaches.

Tests had revealed a clot that developed from head injuries suffered while filming an action sequence. Meanwhile, the star also went for a post surgery check up on Sunday.