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Published On: 2012-01-02

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Book at you

Source: Hindustan Times

Date: September 8, 2013


Siblings Hrithik and Sunaina Roshan gift a biography to dad Rakesh on his 64th birthday


Sunaina and Hrithik not only threw a grand party for their father Rakesh Roshan on his 64th birthday, but also surprised him with a special gift. Other than Hrithik, Sunaina and their mother Pinky, nobody had a clue about the surprise they had planned. It was during the party that Hrithik revealed how his sister Sunaina had written a biography of their father and gifted it to him on his birthday.


Sunaina had worked for months to write the book. An insider from the party says, ""Before calling Sunaina on stage to present the book - titled To Father, With Love - Hrithik talked about the hardships that his father had to face to make it this big in Bollywood and expressed how much they love their father for the man that he is. Sunaina also prepared an emotional speech for her dad, which left everyone present at the party teary-eyed. It was a touching moment..”

There are plans to make the book available to the public this year. “While Sunaina made sure to gift a special copy to her dad, she also revealed that it will be available on stands from November,” says the insider. “Roshan senior, who was really surprised, also cut his birthday cake with his entire family present on stage,” adds the insider.