Of Festival Releases And Box Office Success

Published On: 2015-02-21

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Of Festival Releases And Box Office Success

Source: Box Office India

Date: September 7, 2013

By: Rakesh Roshan


As we all know, getting the right release date has become increasingly important in today’s day and age, and there is also this trade perception that releasing during festivals gives a boost to collections. No doubt, there is a lot of truth to that theory but I also think it is important that the content of your film matches the tone and mood of the festival.


A good film will still do well at the box office even if it doesn’t have the benefit of a festival release. I haven’t released any of my previous films on any particular dates while keeping festivals in mind.


Coming to Krrish 3, when the film was announced two years back, I declared its release date immediately. That is because I knew I would finish shooting the film by May or June of 2012, and then I would need a year and a half for major post-production, VFX and DI etc. Therefore, I knew I would only be ready by September-October of 2013 and would then need a few weeks for promotions.


So I felt that Diwali would be the right time to release the film, not only from a logistical point of view but also because Diwali is a festival of togetherness and family celebrations. So if you get a wholesome film which you can watch with your entire family – your parents, grandparents and children – then that only adds to the whole family bonding and revelry experience.


Which is what I mean when I say that, yes, festivals can help; but the nature of the film should also be in tune with the nature of the festival.


On the larger issue of box office success, I know that main jab tak kamyaab hoon distributors mere pass aa rahe hai. Jis din unho ne aana band kar diya tab main sochunga mera time khatam ho gaya. Then I will not push my work.


Till the time that there are ten distributors in each territory waiting outside your door to take your film, that shows your strength as a filmmaker. Because those distributors react on the basis of exhibitors’ demand, which depends on what the audience wants. So they are the most accurate barometer of what the audience wants.


And I think that that’s all you really need to tell yourself whether you are successful or not, rather than all the hype in the world. I am not the kind of filmmaker who shouts from rooftops with the help of publicity.


I feel that all actors, directors, producers and filmmakers are like horses on a track which has no finish line. So, sometimes, one horse is ahead and at other times, another horse is ahead… there is no number one.


The horses who get tired are left behind, and those that keep on working move ahead. But the race is always on.