Hrithik is not undergoing any surgery-Rakesh Rosha

Published On: 2015-03-20

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Hrithik is not undergoing any surgery-Rakesh Roshan


Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: Nov,28,2013 


The media has been abuzz with Hrithik Roshan's plans to go abroad for medical treatment. There are also reports that he would require another surgery for his headaches. Hrithik had undergone a brain surgery in July in Mumbai. However, Hrithik's father Rakesh Roshan completely rubbishes reports of a second surgery. 


Speaking exclusively to this writer Rakesh Roshan said, "Hrithik is going abroad only for a medical check-up, not a surgery. He gets these occasional headaches, and he wants to get to the bottom of them once and for all." When prodded as to where and how reports of his surgery came from, Rakesh Roshan responded, "You must ask those well-wishers who spread such rumours. I repeat, there is no surgery happening. Just a check-up." 


Apparently, reports suggesting that Hrithik would need a long layoff from work are not only misplaced but also premature. Says the concerned father, "Hrithik will be gone abroad for a week or at the most, two weeks. There is no need to spread alarming reports."