Bollywood Actor Launches Lifestyle Brand

Published On: 2015-03-21

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Bollywood Actor Launches Lifestyle Brand

Date: Dec 02, 2013


Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is making the move into licensing, with the launch of the new fashion and fitness lifestyle brand, HRX.


The brand, which was developed with the help of the licensing agency The Wild East Group and Roshan’s talent management company Exceed Entertainment, will encourage brands to push themselves to the extreme in all aspects of life.


"The brand is about fitness and fashion, the two key attributes of Hrithik Roshan," says Afsar Abbas Zaidi, founder, Exceed Entertainment. “We are targeting not only his fans, but also those looking for affordable quality active casual wear, which is a category we hope to develop."


HRX is already available online and will arrive throughout India by mid-2014.


“The brand has been in process of development for over two years. It has been a very strategic brand entry,” says Sid Shah, founder, The Wild East Group. “The celebrity and brand have been tested with consumers, the competitive environment has been vetted and the opportunity is massive, especially for a region that is obsessed with celebrity culture.”


“The most important part of the brand to me, is that we are going to make it our mission to support young achievers through a variety of programs and really make diet, fitness and confidence a key part of everyone’s life,” says Roshan.