Private screening of Heropanti for Hrithik

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Excerpts from Tigers interviews and Sabbir Khan's Interviews


""I respect Hrithik Roshan a lot. I think he's a complete actor and dancer. Just his presence changes everything. He's a true superstar and I see no weakness in him .""- Tiger


""Hrithik Roshan, who is my favourite, is a fabulous dancer and fighter. But before all of that, he's an actor. If in “Kaho Na…Pyaar Hai”, he had merely danced and fought, he wouldn’t have been where he is. I want to be a full package like Hrithik sir. Who has made an impact like him after “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai”?- Tiger Shroff.

'Firstly, it is so sweet for such a big star to come and watch the film. After all, Tiger is such a huge fan of Hrithik Sir. While I and Tiger were in Delhi for the promotions of the film, he called in to say that he wanted to see the film. He said that his mother and sister had loved the film and also that he saw the promos and thought Tiger was better than him. Tiger was almost embarrassed to hear so much of praises from his idol. As soon as Hrithik came back to the city after completing his shoot, we organized a special screening for him. Hrithik was so warm and after the film, he praised Tiger a lot too! Tiger was super-excited like a baby.- Sabbir Khan, Director of Heropanti

“Hrithik was an assistant director on the sets of my father’s film King Uncle. I remember he used to carry me in his arms all the time. That time he used to be very thin and lanky. It’s amazing how he transformed himself for his debut film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. And the result was for everyone to see. He was definitely a great inspiration. I met him recently and we reminisced about our King Uncle days. Then he also had some good things to say about my physique and how I transformed my look. It felt nice.” - Tiger Shroff (via Deccan Chronicle)


Private screening for Hrithik
Source: HT
Date: May 29, 2014

Tiger Shroff arranges a private screening of his film for Roshan; gets acting tips from his role model

Tiger Shroff has garnered plenty of accolades for his action and dancing skills in his film. When word reached his role model, Hrithik Roshan, he expressed his interest in watching the movie. Tiger was ecstatic to know this and arranged a special, private screening for Hrithik at YRF Studios on Tuesday (May 27) night. The actor happily obliged and not just appreciated Tiger’s performance, but also shared a few tips with the debutant.

“Hrithik was quite visibly happy to see Tiger's performance. He even shared some tips which can help him grow successful as an actor. The two had a long talk after the film was over,” says a source close to Tiger. They were accompanied by director Sabbir Khan and a couple of close acquaintances.

“Tiger cleared his schedule and kept aside all his prior commitments to be with Hrithik during the private screening. He tried his best to keep this development from the media,” adds the source.

That Tiger looks up to Hrithik was apparent in a recent interview, where he told us, “I respect Hrithik Roshan a lot. I think he’s a complete actor and dancer. Just his presence changes everything. He’s a true superstar and I see no weakness in him. I wish to imbibe his qualities in my professional life too.”

So, he was quite overwhelmed to be praised by an actor who is known to be a great dancer.

When contacted, Tiger confirms the development and says, “Yes, Hrithik sir watched the film. I have always been a huge fan of his. I was very nervous and, at the same time, excited about this screening.”