Hrithik's interior plans

Published On: 2015-05-14

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Hrithik Roshan to convert two rooms in his new home into exercise area?

Source: The Times of India

Date: Aug,06 2014


It's been seven months since news broke that Hrithik Roshan will move into a third floor apartment in Prime Beach, Juhu, the same building where Akshay Kumar resides.But he is yet to move into his rented premises, because the flat is being customised to suit his superstar status. And when you have a body like Hrithik's, it is but obvious that the exercise area will be earmarked special. One hears from sources that of the four bedrooms, the actor has brought down a wall between two. This is where his gymnasium will come up. Everyone is aware that the gym is where Hrithik's heart lies. Even in his family home, where he currently resides, the gym on the terrace is equipped like a professional one.It is one place where Hrithik bonds big-time with his parents Pinky and Rakesh; even giving his mother cute incentives (read gifts) when she knocks off a kilo. And now, of course, he is focused on getting his new gym ready. One of the bedrooms in his bachelor home is also being readied for his two sons.