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Published On: 2015-05-16

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Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the best of them all!


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Date: August 18, 2014






Now this is indeed a new phenomenon that is spreading across the world of commercials. It is no more about a product being placed on the forefront or in the background and a superstar just talking about it, while most of the times looking straight into the camera. With the stakes going higher up, an altogether different world is being explored with a whole music video being put together for a brand endorsement. Ranveer Singh's newest commercial for the noodle brand Ching's Secret has set an altogether new benchmark, with none less than Yash Raj Films presenting it and Shaad Ali calling the shots. This isn't all as the credits are as impressive as they get, what with Shankar- Ehsaan- Loy ( music), Gulzar ( lyrics), Arijit Singh ( voice) and Ganesh Acharya ( dance) coming together. Pretty much picking up from where he left in ' Tatad tatad', Ranveer is clearly enjoying his time under the sun with some aggressive dance moves and exaggerated expressions in ' My Name Is Ranveer Ching'. The fact that a noodle brand is being endorsed here could pretty much be incidental, what with the focus on the star quotient of Ranveer and the opulent production values that could well give a run for the money to some of the big songs coming from the best of filmmaking houses in Bollywood. While the trend is pretty much catching up fast, here is looking at other commercials featuring superstars that have won hearts of the audience in the recent past.


Ranveer Singh - Durex Ranveer started it all by appearing in a full- fledged music video for Durex condoms.


In the times when the Censor Board is still contemplating the use of the word sex in films, Ranveer went all out to sing and dance about it, promoted the use of protection and made the point come across loud and clear that keeping a condom handy is neither embarrassing nor a wrong thing to do.


Sunny Leone - Manforce On the other hand what further makes for a sensual sight is Sunny in the many commercials that she has done for Manforce. She forms an instant connect with the product on display and hence, when it comes to reaching out the target audience, it is clearly the case of ' You Get What You Expect'. Sunny never fails to bring the heat on and this one is no exception.


Shah Rukh Khan - Royal Stag ' Italt39s Your Life, Make It Large- None other than SRK would have been the right person to actually drive home a message on these lines. For someone who has lived life on his own terms, he stays on to be the perfect brand ambassador for Royal Stag. A series of commercials on these lines have always managed to keep the intrigue quotient on.


Akshay Kumar - Honda Associated with Honda ever since one can remember, Akshay has done a series of commercials for them. He fulfils the core requirement of forming a connect with the aam junta which is its target market. While Akshay stays on to be the man for the masses, his newest commercial ' Dekho Dekhe Ye Zamaana' with dozens of sky divers makes for a grand sight indeed.


Abhishek Bachchan - Idea Now this stays on to be one of the biggest hits delivered by Abhishek. As a brand ambassador of Idea, he has done a series of commercials for them, most of which do carry a message for a better country.


The newest concept evangelised by him around ' No Ullu Banoing' is indeed the best of the lot as it forms an instant connect with the viewer.


Salman Khan - Thumbs Up When it comes to Salman, the term ' toofaani' just comes with the territory.


No wonder, when the punch line of ' Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hain' was devised, he was just the right man for the job.


So it all seemed like another day in his life when he drove a jeep right out of an aircraft and straight in front of a dhabha to get his dose of Thumbs Up.


Katrina Kaif - Slice What has never failed to surprise though is seeing Katrina in the commercials of mango drink Slice. What could well have been a simple video of a girl sipping a drink has been made as suggestive as it can be what with the series of ' Aamsutra' ads letting one's imagination go wild. With ' Swayaamvar' as the recent inclusion, Katrina is all set to be quite the tease.


Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor - Oppo This is easily the best of the lot when it comes to promoting a brand through a music video by roping in stars. When Hrithik and Sonam got together for Oppo mobile, it was a complete love story told in those three minutes with just the perfect brand placement as well. Our mainstream filmmakers could learn a thing or two from this!


Aamir Khan - Coca Cola For the longest time, Aamir regaled audience with a series of commercials for Coke. He donned various avatars for the promotion, be it playing a Bihari, Bengali, Punjabi, Hyderabadi, an NRI or even a Japanese. He kept things funny but never offensive.


His Coke ad with Aishwarya Rai and Mahima Chaudhary stays on to be a case of folklore though! Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt - Coca Cola Amongst the newer lot if there are any youngsters who are fast making their presence felt in the commercial circuits, they are Karan Johar's students.


In a series of ads that they have done for Coca Cola, they have never failed to impress. Their most heart warming act stays on to be the one where they order an extra bottle of the drink for the waiter himself.