Get fashionable, like Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2015-05-17

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Source: TOI

Date: Aug 20, 2014


Celebrity fashion brand HRX by Hrithik Roshan, manufactured and retailed exclusively by, is inspired by the Bollywood superstar's style.


This sports lifestyle inspired collection for men is sold only on the portal and is based on Hrithik's philosophies, embodied in the tagline 'Push Your Extreme'.


Hrithik believes that the brand is much more than just a fashion range. He says, "I wanted to develop something for the Indian consumer that inspires them to keep on pushing, to keep staring adversity in the face and to keep achieving. I needed a platform and that platform is this brand."


Commenting on the brand's association with Hrithik, Ganesh Subramanian, Chief Operating Officer, Myntra, says, "This was a huge opportunity for us to launch and build an original celebrity brand from ground-up. Taking inspiration from Hrithik's work ethics, we felt that we can create a very unique and lasting brand which reflects his stardom and his incredible story of overcoming various setbacks."


The collection includes sports lifestyle-inspired active and casual wear along with sports footwear and accessories for men. Fitness enthusiasts and consumers inclined towards a fashionable sporty lifestyle can watch out for the new active wear available on