Hrithik's fan-tastic act

Published On: 2015-05-23

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Hrithik’s fan-tastic act


Source: Absoluteindia

Date: Sep 11, 2014



Actor made sure he took time out to meet a fan and her family after she broke down when his bouncers didn’t let her get close to him at an event


Sneha Mahadevan B ollywood and cricket are two things that people in Mumbai get very kicked about. It is a very normal sight to see celebrities getting hounded whether it is their personal or professional life. Something similar happened with Hrithik Roshan recently. Hrithik was present at the opening of a fitness centre when he encountered a crazy fan.


“ Hrithik is very serious about his fitness and eating habits. He is a strong advocate for anyone who needs some inspiration to working out and being healthy. He is often spotted giving valuable advice to all his co- stars and younger actors in the industry who want to get fit. When he was invited to an event that announced the launch of a fitness centre in the city, he was super excited about attending the event especially because this was an initiative that was started by his good friend Dino Morea. While his presence wasn’t preplanned, word spread among his fans that he was going to be making an appearance so people started thronging the place. Since the event was held at an open ground a huge crowd gathered at the venue and his security had to be beefed up. A female fan who had come to meet Hrithik was stopped by his bouncers as she tried to get too close to the actor. When his bouncers asked her to stay back, she burst into tears,” a source close to Hrithik says.


While it was impossible for Hrithik to keep a check on most of his fans, he did witness what happened.“ Immediately after the event wrapped up, he asked his bouncers to locate the girl and asked her to wait back. Hrithik was very upset when he saw her cry and after the event, he especially went upto the girl and met her. Not only did he pose for pictures with her and signed a special autograph, he also met her friends and family who were at the venue.He gave her a warm hug and calmly explained to her that her bouncers did not mean any harm and were just making sure no one got injured at the venue,” the source adds.