Buckle up and move on! The best is yet come!

Published On: 2015-06-20

Author: Hrithik Roshan

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The biggest sport in the world has finally arrived in our land. Its the biggest because Football is not just a sport it's a game that teaches us life. It teaches us courage, teaches us to perform under the pressure, to keep the eye on the ball...on our goals and outcomes no matter what...through toughest times, thru all adversity and adversity is what builds character!

It teaches us how to deal with the 2 imposters triumph and disaster. When a team looses people loose hope but I don't , I see it as an opportunity , a chance to see how we can become even better. I am successful because I fail everyday but label my failures as strength! Then its no longer failure, only feedback! The ones who push themselves out of their comfort zone and face challenges head on are hailed as Champions. Its a path where setbacks are bound to happen.

When life disappoints us, it is natural to feel sad and analyze what went wrong but great teams and people don't waste time in that, they get up and analyze how they can get better!! Today we lost a game. But We will look ahead with the wisdom that the greatest victory begins against the greatest odds.

Loosing is never loosing, unless you accept mental defeat. So it's crucial that everyone and I mean everyone plays their part. The supporters are the motivation of a team and must stand strong!

The captain the leader and he keeps everyone's vision alive. I will never abandon the dream of being the best, as a man and as a team.

Remember there is no failure in life only feedback. Success is 95% psychology. The winning teams win in their minds first then in reality. So let's stand up and salute the human spirit within, the spirit that looks beyond little failures on to our higher build ourselves into unstoppable forces no matter what life throws at us.

I am proud of my team FC Pune City...proud of each one of you.