Hrithik pays tribute to his father

Published On: 2015-07-03

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`My father's greatest achievement is standing in front of you'


Source: TOI
Date: January 13, 2015 

Imagine a weak, lanky boy, who cannot speak a single sentence fluently, bedridden after a jaundice relapse. That was Hrithik Roshan 30 years ago. The actor who flaunts an eight-pack today, admitted it took him years to overcome his speech disorder. 

The star who had been invited to hand over the lifetime achievement award to his dad, Rakesh Roshan, recalled the dark days when they had no money to pay rent and had to mortgage their house and three cars. My sister, Sunaina, and I slept on the floor without a chaddar,he revealed. And then dad went on to make the greatest love story of all time, Kaho Naa...Pyar Hai.

Ending his 40-minute monologue, he said he's reached where no one imagined he would and that's what Rakesh Roshan is most proud of: My father's greatest achievement is standing right in front of you.