Roshans off to Maldives for a break

Published On: 2015-07-07

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On a family break

Source: Mumbai Mirror
Date: March 17, 2015

The star is off to Maldives with his family.

On Sunday, Hrithik Roshan was spotted outside a suburban restaurant, smiling cheerily for the gathered photographers. Mirror has learnt the reason for the actor's chirpy air. 

Says a source close to the actor, "Hrithik is flying off to Maldives for a five-day vacation on Wednesday, March 18th. Besides his sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan, his mother Pinky and sister Sunaina will also accompany him. His dad too should join them. Rakeshji is trying to wrap up some last minute work so that he can fly with the family." 

The source adds that as Hrithik was busy shooting for Mohenjo-Daro in Bhuj for the past couple of months, he was unable to spend much time with the family. So he planned a family holiday to coincide with his sons' spring break. 

Quiz the source on his choice of destination and the reply comes, "He loves the sea. And plans to indulge in a lot of water sports and surfing, even underwater diving. Three years ago, he had gone to Maldives during the children's summer vacation and after that they had gone to Bali. He had to cut short his vacation in Bali by a week so that he could join his grandparents, parents and sister in Dubai where they'd flown out for an impromptu vacation. This time there's no chance of that happening because his whole family will be with him and he's hoping it'll be as much fun, if not more."