Arfeen on his association with Hrithik

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: unknown

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Excerpts from Arfeen's DNA Interview

1- Arfeen Khan- “I’m not Hrithik’s life coach and I want to make it very clear. We’re friends. We share ideas. There’s no hiring a life coach to make life better.” When I ask him why Hrithik sounds preachy and philosophical in most of his interviews, he’s quick to defend the superstar. “In my opinion, the way he speaks may come across as philosophical but what you hear is genuinely the man. I don’t think he’s stubborn. I didn’t have to guide him. It was the other way around. He guided me on how to lose weight. I followed his advice to the T for eight weeks and I lost 12 kilos. I pushed myself over the limit. We hang out. We have coffee. We talk. We share information. I ask him, how to increase my metabolic rate, he’ll ask me how to gain focus. How to do things he wants to do. He’s an exceptional guy and whatever he touches will work. He wants to become better. Being a superstar, he can impact the world in a profound way. He’s got loads of challenges in his life and he’s overcome them. He’s good at what he does. I didn’t help him.”

He recalls his first meeting with the superstar. “I have known him for four years. We met through his trainer Satya who’s been a friend of mine for 14 years. The conversation started with ‘What do you do? What’s that? Never heard of that before’. We started hanging out and became friends. Then for losing weight, I thought, who’s the best guy I could think of and I thought of Mr Roshan. He’s very open with information and he’s not shy to share it with anyone. He gave me the guidance.”

2- My book is actually going to be launched by #Hrithik with a foreword by him in August, in Delhi.

3- 'Hrithik’s an exceptional guy and whatever he touches will work. He wants to become better'