Hrithik to mentor Nafeesa Alis son

Published On: 2015-08-19

Author: Natasha Coutinho

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Hrithik to mentor Nafeesa Alis son

Source: Asian Age
Date: Nov 24, 2015 

After a bunch of star kid debuts over the past year, it is time for yet another one to appear on the big screen Nafisa Ali's son, Ajit Sodhi. Young Sodhi will appear in J.P. Dutta's Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le, a film that has been on the backburner for almost a year. Understandably, the veteran actress is worried. "As a parent, it' that time in my life, where all the things I have seen will become part of my son's journey. At the same time it's disappointing and disheartening that the film has been delayed, but it's the producers prerogative to find the right time to release the film. Not just I, but all my former colleagues too are waiting to see my son on the big screen. But at the moment we are helpless."

On the upside, her son has found a mentor in Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik, who is close to the family has got his trainer Kris Gethin to work on Ajit's fitness. Both Hrithik and Ajit will start training together by the end of the month.

Speaking about Hrithik's involvement in Ajit's career, she says, "Hrithik is special to me and my family. I played his mother in Guzaarish and I keep telling him that we make the best mother-son pair because we have the same eye colour and are similar people. He's family to me."

While the debut is much awaited, the actress can't wait for her son to share the screen with the likes of Aamir, Hrithik and SRK.