Hrithik gifts himself a Rolls Royce

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: unknown

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7 crore! That's how much birthday boy Hrithik Roshan paid for his new Rolls Royce!


Source: DNA

Date: Jan 10, 2016


Hrithik Roshan turns 42 and he's probably the hottest actor we have even today! Age seems to be just a number for the actor. And guess what, the actor's house is filled with flowers and gifts from industry well-wishers and fans. 


But there's one special gift he bought for himself. What's it? A Rolls Royce car! A source tells us, ""Hrithik is fond of cars and he loves luxurious cars. So he recently purchased a Rolls Royce for himself and his kids."" And that didn't come at a pocket pinch for sure. The actor had to shell out a whopping sum to get the car. How much? The khabroo reveals, ""Rs 7 crore!"" Whatever, you can indulge that much, if you are Hrithik Roshan!