Another six pack for Hrithik

Published On: 2015-09-03

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Hrithik Roshan joins hands with The 6 Pack Band for their next music video

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Soon we'll see Hrithik clapping along with 'The 6 Pack Band' in their next single.

After their debut single 'Hum Hain Happy', a cover of Pharrell William's 2013 hit number and a second 'Sab Rab De Bande - The Chai Song' featuring Sonu Nigam, the transgender band '6 Pack Band' have generated a lot of excitement among their fans.

Now, the band has joined hands with Hrithik Roshan on a song which is titled as ‘Aye Raju DJ Ka Music Flop Hua, Apun Ka Taali Hit Ho Gaya’. Reportedly, the actor himself approached the band.

When the first time Hrithik heard The 6 Pack Band’s song, he was bowled over by their talented performance.

Another six-pack for Hrithik
Source: TOI
By: Roshmila Bhattacharya 

The actor has clapped hands with India's first transgender band for a music video for their next single

India's first transgender band, 6-Pack Band, has been sparking off plenty of excitement since its first single, “Hum Hain Happy“, a cover of Pharrell Williams's popular 2013 track, “Happy“ (2013), with a video shot across the city. This was followed by “Rab De Bande--The Chai Song“ on January 26, a collaboration with a singing-dancing Sonu Nigam.Next week, they will be teaming up with Asha Bhosle's granddaughter Zanai on the Marathi-English-Hindi mash-up of a popular song “Hil Pori Hila“. But the biggest surprise will be out next month when they clap hands with Hrithik Roshan on a song that goes “Aye Raju DJ Ka Music Flop Hua, Apun Ka Taali Hit Ho Gaya“.
According to a source, it was Hrithik himself who asked for a meeting because he felt that his philosophy of life and that of the band was a perfect fit because both endorsed self belief. He wanted to do something that would elevate the isolated community and find its acceptance in our world instead of stereotyping transgenders as vil lains, alm-seekers and objects of ridicule in Hindi cinema. When he heard the song, he was instantly wowed by the live actionmeetsanimations-meets comic book superhero concept and the technical team's explanation of how they planned to execute it, and happily came on board.

“He had injured his ankle at the time and was on crutches so though the song made him want to dance he admitted regretfully that he wouldn't be able to shake a leg. But he definitely wanted to be a part of the video and 15 days later, walked into the studio at around 2.15 pm, taking the band members by surprise.They were hysterical and after a round of selfies with them, he got down to serious work, asking them to teach him the transgender clap as they rocked,“ says a source from the sets, hoping that the clap will soon become as much a signature move as the actor's “Ek Pal Ka Jeena“ pelvic thrust and that “Aye Raju“ turns from being a call for money at traffic signals to a call to come and dance.

Chandni Suvarnakar, a member of the 6-Pack Band, confirmed the news, admitting that not even in their wildest dreams had they thought that one day they would not only be dancing with a star like Hrithik, but would also be teaching him dance moves. “Yeh dekhkar sachmein aisa lagta hai ki yeh duniya humein bhi apna sakti hai and that people will be danc ing to our songs too.“