Stamp out stigma!

Published On: 2015-09-07

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Source: Bollyspice
Date: April 6, 2016

The overwhelming stigma attached to issues of mental health only ensures that there is little awareness and education about the subject. People who suffer from mental illnesses often find themselves at a loss, with little idea of who to turn to or how to receive help and treatment. Mpower, an initiative by the mother-daughter duo of Neerja Birla and Ananya Birla, along with psychiatrist Dr. Zirak Marker, aims to remove this particular stigma from society. The ‘Stamp Out Stigma’ campaign urges for a society where patients are allowed to reclaim their loves and happiness without any shame or dishonor.

And now with actor Hrithik Roshan associating himself with the project, the initiative has received a welcome push in terms of support and visibility. Hrithik has not only publicly tweeted about the campaign but also shot for a small video in February with director Vicky Bahri. The campaign is slated to release soon. Though the actor was nuturing an injured ankle, he looked quiet excited to lend his support to the campaign.

Emphasizing the purpose, Neerja Birla says, “My resolve and endeavor is to create a movement towards empowering individuals with mental health concerns in the most holistic way possible. We need to ensure that all such individuals and their families have the right to professional therapeutic interventions. Everyone has the right to a dignified and fulfilling life.”