Hrithik will be proven innocent with evidence

Published On: 2015-09-11

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Will prove #Hrithik had not relationship with #Kangana WITH EVIDENCE: Hrithik's Lawyers (Excerpts)

Source: India Today
April 22, 2014

"Lets not get confused in this war of words. We will prove that our client Hrithik Roshan has had no relationship with Kangana Ranaut. We have presented solid evidences of this nature to the investigating authorities," Hrithiks lawyers said in a statement today.

"They (Kanganas team) should present any credible evidence if they have to those who are authorised to investigate this matter.

"We are not interested in playing the game of notices and counter notices, we are only pursuing this to bring out the correct facts and that will happen through bonafide investigation," Hrithiks lawyers said, claiming the case is "not about man vs woman, powerful vs weak, its about lie vs truth."



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Here’s proof that the actor was never involved with the actress and that he had no communication at all

This is a story of a man who has been victimised. 

After Hrs is in possession of emails sent by Kangana to Hrithik over a period of time. On days there were emails every six minutes! These emails were submitted by Roshan to the cops along with a police complaint against the actress for mentally harassing him. Says a police source on the condition of anonymity, “We have gone through everything and it is now clear that Kangana was communicating with an imposter. Hrithik’s forensic report show no association with It’s evident that she carried forward her communication of 6 months with the imposter. He has received over 3,000 emails from her and we have established that no mails were sent to her from his email. His phone records prove that he has made four calls to her in seven years. His passport copies prove he was not in Paris when she claimed they’d got engaged. We are convinced he is innocent.”

A relationship that was only in her head

There is a mail sent by the actress with a bare picture in which she claims, “This is what is waiting for you the first time we are together.” That email proves that they had a strictly professional relationship and nothing more than that. Adds an industry source, “There is no evidence on her side to show any relationship — no pics, no mails, no proof. This is not a lover’s spat. The whole relationship seems to be a figment of her imagination. What couple communicates in email and not text message or messenger?”

I have Asperger’s — Kangana

Hrithik drew fire for claiming in his complaint that the actress is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, but in the emails (many that are in our possession) she repeatedly claims that she has Asperger’s. She herself admits that when they first met, Hrithik did not show any attraction or desire towards her and didn’t do anything to talk. Or meet her. Even a year after Krrish 3 release, she seems disappointed to have not taken advantage of the many opportunities to talk to him during the shoot or do anything and is still waiting to meet him but when and if they would meet she would still be the quiet girl who stands and stares from afar not being able to say or do anything.

The background

Since last year there have been rumours that Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut were in a relationship. Everyone believed it to be true. Even Hrithik’s closest friends believed it. Even though there was no evidence of that. The duo was never spotted together. In Mumbai or abroad, by paparazzi or fans, and that is an impossible feat for a celebrity couple to pull off. At the time the rumours were circulating Hrithik didn’t find it necessary to clear those rumours. Until Kangana addressed him as her “silly ex”. Then he had to come clean.

Hrithik never replied to Kangana’s mails: Pvt cyber forensics report

Source: TNN
Date: April 21, 2016
By: Swati Deshpande

A cyber forensics report, sought by Hrithik Roshan and submitted to Mumbai police, has said that the actor did not respond to even a single mail from the hundreds sent to his genuine email address by former co-star Kangana Ranaut over a six-month period starting July 2014.

In February 2016, following a television interview by Kangana where she referred to him as her "silly ex", Hrithik, through his lawyer Dipesh Mehta, sought an apology from her saying she had for long been "propagating a false idea" since the two were "never in any personal relationship". Her lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee's reply on March 1 suggested a close personal relationship between the two, and alleged that Hrithik had hacked her email account.

On March 5, Hrithik had filed an FIR with the cyber crime police against an unknown person alleging that someone had communicated with Kangana as him with a fake email id The police are likely to inspect her phone and laptop on April 30, when she said she will be available.

But the report that looked at all the data since the laptop was first used and Kangana's emails which it cites now, appears to belie the claims of either a relationship or hacking.
The report, given to cops on April 19, conducted by a private cyber security agency had collected Hrithik's Apple laptop and other electronic assets, at his request, on April 14, and run a two-day cyber forensics. It concluded that the actor never used or accessed any email ID from the '' servers.

"We found no digital footprints nor any fingerprint ...The digital evidences were intact, not forged." There was no existence of any means for any hacking, said the report. It said only images of Kangana, barring a few related to their films, were "the ones sent as attachments to him on email...directly from her iPhone be in a relationship of sorts..." and significantly added, "it is analyzed that Hrithik Roshan did not entertain the emails nor accessed them until recently for forensics analysis."

Many were retrieved, unread, from a junk folder or flagged as spam. "There is no digital evidence to the claims from Kangana that she had been receiving emails from Hrithik through the account," said the report.

In his FIR, Hrithik said that Kangana had informed him in May 2014 that she had been receiving mails from that email address for six months. Hrithik had told Kangana's sister that his was a mac email, not Five weeks later, he began to get mails from Kangana on his real ID, sometimes 40-50 a day. He soon flagged them as spam, the report said.
The report that cops plan to study cites a few mails, including one in August 2014 where Kangana says, "When you had the other id you used to talk...'' Later that day she wrote, "Do you find it weird to receive my mails at your work mail id...should I try sending mail on your earlier id?'' In one, she said, "I also found out I have Asperger's Syndrome". Later, she said: "Is our love for real...'' She later wrote, "Why don't you mail me, talk to me.'' In October, she wrote, "I hope this routine ends soon and instead of googling you I could make a call to you..."
Hrithik Roshan submits key evidence to the Cyber Cell

Source: TOI

The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut saga enters a crucial phase. Sources tell us that Hrithik has deposited copies of the emails, said to have been written to him by Kangana, with the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell. However, when contacted, Senior Inspector Kalpana Gadekar of this division, said, "I don't wish to say anything in this matter."
Bombay Times managed to source the report on digital forensic analysis of the emails that was submitted by Hrithik to the police.

10 points raised by Hrithik's legal team

Point 1: The whole thing apparently started with Kangana corresponding to the id: Hrithik was unaware of this. When the actress bumped into him at Karan Johar's birthday party on May 24, 2014, Hrithik shared his 'real' id with her. Post which, she started corresponding to the id he shared with her.

Point 2: Sources say that forensics reportedly found no evidence to show Hrithik's association with the id:
Point 3: Kangana's claim that Hrithik proposed to her in January 2014 is negated by the actor who counters that he didn't travel to Paris in that particular period.
Point 4: For over a month now, Kangana has not shared any pictures to suggest that she and Hrithik were in a relationship. Hence, the whole 'affair' seems concocted.
Point 5: In one of the mails to Hrithik, Kangana apparently confessed that she has Asperger's. In all interviews that followed, she has been telling people that he made this public.
Point 6: Allegedly there is talk of him hacking her account in one of the mails.
Point 7: The number of mails that were exchanged between Kangana and Hrithik on the actor's 'right' id are many in number. This is the basis on which she told the press that they had a relationship. However, Hrithik himself has barely sent out any replies to her.
Point 8: Some of her mails suggest quite plainly that Hrithik didn't seem interested or attracted to her in their initial meetings.
Point 9: Even after the release of Krrish 3; their film together in 2013; one hears there was hardly any communication to suggest a 'closeness'. In fact, she herself is said to have confessed to the actor that when she was around him, she found herself being shy and tongue-tied.
Point 10: Some mails seem to suggest that Hrithik is her childhood obsession.

Details of the emails allegedly sent by Kangana to the impostor; by Kangana to Hrithik
"Sometimes I feel so unsure of everything. Does our love really exist. Or its just a phantasy? Is our love for real or is it an imaginary person I talk to?"
Another email read, "I found out that I have Asperger's Syndrome. I am stressed about it. If you get time read about it. I have 98% of its syndrome."
"When I saw you for the first time, in Manali in some Hindi paper, I went into a trance and thought to myself, 'This guy is for me."
"What if someday I meet you and you tell me that you haven't received anything. You don't even know me, you never loved me. What will I do then? Will I ever recover from that revelation of that fatal reality?"

A statement from a member of Hrithik's legal team
"We have submitted all that we consider as evidence to the Cyber Crime and relevant authorities who are conducting this investigation. Our objective is only one thing and that is to establish the fact that Hrithik Roshan never had a relationship with Kangana Ranaut. We are seeking nothing else. All evidences have been given for verification to the concerned authorities. Once she gives her laptop, verification will take not more than a day. Mails once sent from ids can always be verified easily. Let the investigation happen."