Forensic reports clear Hrithik of hacking claims

Published On: 2015-09-12

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Police moves court for notice to US firm on email of Hrithik ‘imposter’

Source: Mid Day
Date: Apr 22, 2016

An application has been filed by the Mumbai police before a local court seeking issuance of notice to authorities at Mail and Media Inc regarding information about an email ID allegedly created by an imposter in the name of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.

On March 25, Hrithik had registered a complaint with the cyber crime cell in suburban BKC here claiming that the ID ‘’ has been generated by an imposter and that the person was using it to communicate with his fans and others.
Hrithik had lodged the complaint after actor Kangana Ranaut at filmmaker Karan Johar’s birthday party in May 2014 thanked Hrithik for appreciating her work in the film Queen.

When Hrithik told her he had not seen the movie, Kangana told him that she had received an email from him from the ‘’ ID and that she has been corresponding on the email ID since several months.
Hrithik then denied having any such email address and said his ID was Kangana, who has fallen out with Hrithik, later forwarded all the email sent and received by her from the ‘’ ID.
Acting on Hrithik’s complaint, the cyber crime cell on March 18 sent a letter to the Chief Technical Officer of Mail and Media Inc. which runs ‘’ seeking information about the said account.
The Chief Technical Officer replied to the police and asked them to contact the company’s legal department at ‘’.

Accordingly, police sent a letter on March 31 to the legal department which stated in a reply that “We require subpoena from a court to release such account information. If you are able to provide such document please address it as follows.”
The cyber cell then filed the application before the metropolitan magistrate on April 18 requesting it to issue a notice to the company situated in Pennsylvania, US, under section 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) directing it to produce the said information.

“If the court does not issue the notice then the police will not be able to probe the complaint further due to lack of information,” the application filed by Cyber Crime Cell police inspector Kalpana Gadekar said.
Hrithik and Kangana are embroiled in a legal spat wherein both the actors have slapped legal notices on each other for defamation.
While Hrithik had claimed that Kangana was making false claims that they were in a relation, Kangana said they shared personal as well as professional relationship.


Forensic reports: Hrithik Roshan might not have hacked Kangana Ranaut's mails

Source: Mid Day
Date: 25-Apr-2016

A source close to Hrithik Roshan says that Kangana Ranaut's claims he hacked her email account and sent mails to himself through her account are baseless. 

And gives enough valid reasons too. hitlist also got hold of the Forensic certificate (see pic above) that's with the cyber cell. The certificate clears Hrithik possessing any hacking device or having hacked any mails through the device he uses. 

Now a few issues that come to light in lieu of Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee's latest statement accusing him of having hacked her account. A source close to the actor says, "Hrithik has got a clean chit from a credible forensic firm that very regularly does work for cyber crime and defence forces. 

This certificate works majorly in his favour. The forensic reports say that not only did Hrithik not reply to Kangana's thousands of emails, but he didn't open most of them till very recently. 

The source adds that it is absurd that they are now resorting to hacking theory. "Even if we believe in this claim which is absolutely absurd, what about Rangoli's mails with Hrithik? At least they haven't claimed that he hacked her mail id too." 

Those mails are called fabricated and out of context in Rizwan's statement, "How can it be fabricated and out of context both at the same time? The effort here is to nullify facts and falsify the truth staring at us through the contents of the email," the source says. 

When Kangana claimed that she was proposed by Hrithik in Paris, he had shown evidence that his passport has no stamp of him having visited the place. The statement says that Paris can be visited without passport stamps. 

The source says, "Yes, one can even swim your way there. But what about the fact that Hrithik was in Mumbai doing events everyday which have been recorded in media with pictures and news? Anyway instead of putting the onus on Hrithik to prove that he hasn't visited Paris isn't it easier and more valid to ask Kangana to prove that he did visit her there and proposed marriage to her there? There would be some photograph, some testimony of that very very extraordinary moment."

The source further says that it is very conveniently made to feel that Hrithik is doing all this to save his clean image, but that's not the truth. 

"This is not the first time that he has been linked in media with someone. Many such instances have happened but Hrithik has never reacted. In fact he has hardly been a PR or an image savvy guy. Isn't it surprising that he of all the people is fighting this bitter media battle? He is doing this not for maintaining his image but for the very dangerous nature of this slander," he says. - 

"In a mail she seems to be accepting that there might be an imposter in context to Hrithik's clarification to Rangoli much earlier, but no complaint was lodged by her and regardless of this her barrage of mails continued, again without any single response from Hrithik over 7 months," concludes the source.


Emails submitted unverified, says Kangana lawyer; Hrithik lawyers hit back

Source: TOI
Date: 23-Apr-2016

Actress Kangana Ranaut's lawyer has termed her emails submitted by actor Hrithik Roshan to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell as "out-of-context, unreliable and unverified" but his lawyers fought back, asking what purpose were they fighting for.
"We know our client is fighting for clearing his name but we are unclear what they are fighting for? Is the fight from their end only to establish 'implied' association with our client?" said Hrithik's lawyers in a statement.

"For us this fight is a worthy cause because our client is fighting to save his reputation as he was brutally attacked and unbelievable lies were circulated with impunity, but we fail to understand the motivation of the other party. We have already submitted all the evidences that is required to the authorities. We have been dutifully following the procedure and the truth will come out," the statement said.

"They are trying to confuse the matter when this is a simple case of spreading lies. If by their own admission they haven't referred to our client, Hrithik Roshan, as 'silly ex' and if by that they are meaning that he hasn't had a romantic relationship their client, then there is no fight between us. But they have been slyly implying things and we are committed to bring clarity to the entire episode."

Kangana's advocate Rizwan Siddiquee said that "by circulating some out-of-context unreliable and unverified emails to the media together with some unreliable private forensic reports", Hrithik had "finally proved that he has lost complete trust in the legal system as well as patience and shall go to any extent to cause damage to my client's name, image and reputation and instill fear in her mind".

Issues between the two began when Kangna hinted at Hrithik being her "ex-boyfriend" when she said in an interview that she fails to understand "why exes do silly things to get your attention".

Hrithik never replied to Kangana’s mails: Pvt cyber forensics report

Source: TNN 
By: Swati Deshpande
Date: Apr 21, 2016

A cyber forensics report, sought by Hrithik Roshan and submitted to Mumbai police, has said that the actor did not respond to even a single mail from the hundreds sent to his genuine email address by former co-star Kangana Ranaut over a six-month period starting July 2014.

In February 2016, following a television interview by Kangana where she referred to him as her "silly ex", Hrithik, through his lawyer Dipesh Mehta, sought an apology from her saying she had for long been "propagating a false idea" since the two were "never in any personal relationship". Her lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee's reply on March 1 suggested a close personal relationship between the two, and alleged that Hrithik had hacked her email account.

On March 5, Hrithik had filed an FIR with the cyber crime police against an unknown person alleging that someone had communicated with Kangana as him with a fake email id The police are likely to inspect her phone and laptop on April 30, when she said she will be available.
But the report that looked at all the data since the laptop was first used and Kangana's emails which it cites now, appears to belie the claims of either a relationship or hacking.

The report, given to cops on April 19, conducted by a private cyber security agency had collected Hrithik's Apple laptop and other electronic assets, at his request, on April 14, and run a two-day cyber forensics. It concluded that the actor never used or accessed any email ID from the '' servers.
"We found no digital footprints nor any fingerprint ...The digital evidences were intact, not forged." There was no existence of any means for any hacking, said the report. It said only images of Kangana, barring a few related to their films, were "the ones sent as attachments to him on email...directly from her iPhone be in a relationship of sorts..." and significantly added, "it is analyzed that Hrithik Roshan did not entertain the emails nor accessed them until recently for forensics analysis."
Many were retrieved, unread, from a junk folder or flagged as spam. "There is no digital evidence to the claims from Kangana that she had been receiving emails from Hrithik through the account," said the report.

In his FIR, Hrithik said that Kangana had informed him in May 2014 that she had been receiving mails from that email address for six months. Hrithik had told Kangana's sister that his was a mac email, not Five weeks later, he began to get mails from Kangana on his real ID, sometimes 40-50 a day. He soon flagged them as spam, the report said.
The report that cops plan to study cites a few mails, including one in August 2014 where Kangana says, "When you had the other id you used to talk...'' Later that day she wrote, "Do you find it weird to receive my mails at your work mail id...should I try sending mail on your earlier id?'' In one, she said, "I also found out I have Asperger's Syndrome". Later, she said: "Is our love for real...'' She later wrote, "Why don't you mail me, talk to me.'' In October, she wrote, "I hope this routine ends soon and instead of googling you I could make a call to you..."
Kangana-Hrithik's mail trail that's shocking B-town

Source: TOI
Date: Apr 22, 2016

In Bombay Times earlier, we shared a few emails allegedly sent by Kangana to the impostor and from Kangana to Hrithik (on his real email id). Here are some more emails allegedly sent by Kangana and a few exchanged between her sister Rangoli and Hrithik. However, the actress' lawyer and a source close to her maintain that her account was hacked.
Hence, it is not confirmed if these mails were actually sent by Kangana

Here is a barrage of emails that Kangana allegedly sent to Hrithik's real email id. When asked why there were no replies to her emails (barring a few replies to her sister, Rangoli), a source close to the actress said, "Hrithik was sending emails to himself to build a case that Kangana was in love with him, and he was not. When these supposed emails were sent, they were not in a relationship." Hence, we cannot confirm whether Kangana was the one sending these emails to Hrithik's real id. The contents of these emails talk about... [ Note: Images will be added to the gallery]

The alleged 'Paris proposal'

On March 17, 2016, a tabloid had quoted Kangana Ranaut's friend who said that Hrithik proposed to the actress in January 2014 in Paris. The 'proposal' came after Hrithik and Sussanne split in December 2013. On his part, Hrithik has denied not only proposing to her with a ring but also claimed that he did not travel to Paris around that time. Through his legal team, the actor has conveyed that his passport doesn't have the relevant stamps, which should be the case if he had travelled during the mentioned period. A source close to Kangana said, "He can refuse what he wants to, she is okay with it."

Who is faking it?

From the onset, Hrithik's legal team has been saying that it all began with Kangana corresponding with a fake email id created by an impostor. They maintain he was oblivious about it till May 24, 2014, when she mentioned about it at Karan Johar's party. Reportedly, that's when he told her that the id she had got the mail didn't belong to him and he shared his 'real' mail id. They further claim that after this, she started corresponding with him on this id.
To this, a source close to the actress states, "At Karan's party, Kangana told Hrithik that she found her mail id was hacked. She suspected him of misusing her account and threatened to take action. She shut that account and broke up with him because he denied everything they ever shared. After that, she opened another account, but soon started getting google alerts, which made her suspicious that the second account was also hacked. Through her account, he was sending emails to himself to build a case that she was in love with him and he wasn't. When these supposed exchange of emails happened, they weren't in a relationship."

No pictures of Hrithik-Kangana together

Since it's natural that a couple in a relationship would have their pictures together, Hrithik's legal team contends that there haven't been any photographs of their client and Kangana together. Moreover, they also state that it's been over a month since this news has been regularly reported, but the actress hasn't produced a single photograph to substantiate her claim that they had a relationship. A source close to the actress, however, maintains, "Their photographs are personal and Kangana feels no need to make it public."