Kangana records statement, refuses to hand devices

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Saurabh Vaktania, Shubha Shetty-Saha and Vijay Kumar Yadav

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Kangana Ranaut gives statement, but at home refuses to part with laptop


Source: Mid Day

Date: 1 May, 2016

By Saurabh Vaktania, Shubha Shetty-Saha and Vijay Kumar Yadav


Officers from the BKC's cyber police station record Kangana Ranaut's statement over three hours; say surrendering of gadgets would have helped them in tracing the person alleged to be impersonating actor Hrithik Roshan


Officers from Bandra Kurla Complex's cyber police station, who arrived at the Khar West house of actor Kangana Ranaut to take her statement in an investigation into a case of someone impersonating actor Hrithik Roshan, were disappointed when Ranaut refused to hand them her laptop and iPad.


This, the officers were hoping, would help them help them crack the case. In February, Roshan's legal team had sent a notice to Ranaut demanding an 'unconditional apology' for a 'defaming' remark in an interview where she allegedly referred to him as her 'silly ex'.

That triggered off a war between the two with a counter-notice being filed by Ranaut and further allegations and counter-allegations being leaked every other day. In the interim, Roshan also filed an FIR at the cyber police station against an unidentified person for impersonating him and chatting with Ranaut as him. Ranaut, who was named in this FIR, said she would give her statement to the cops on April 30. The actor's sister Rangoli also gave her statement.

According to sources, Ranaut said that all allegations made by Roshan are false and that his team (she hasn't specified who) have hacked into her account and tampered with the mails. The sources weren't clear about whether her email ID had been hacked into to delete or send the emails. The alleged impersonation came to light at filmmaker Karan Johar's party, when the two actors bumped into each other.


Chasing Kangana


On Saturday, there was heavy media presence outside the Khar West building where Ranaut lives. Earlier, it was believed that she would go to the cyber police station to give her statement. Around 1 pm, Ranaut left, only for the media to realise that it was for the gym. She returned in an hour.


The cops arrived at 4.45 pm. Ranaut's advocate was present at the meeting with senior inspector Kalpana Gadekar. At the meeting, which lasted for over three hours, sources said Ranaut denied allegations of stalking Roshan and talking to the alleged imposter.


Aside from her laptop and iPad, the cops asked for Ranaut's iPhone, from which she allegedly sent the emails to Hrithik. The actor said the phone had fallen in water after which she threw it away. A police source said, "We asked Ranaut and her legal team for the digital equipment to better trace the sender of the emails, but she did not give us anything." Kangana's advocate Rizwan Siddiqui said in a statement, "The police were happy to get more information from my clients and learn about things that were not mentioned by the complainant in his FIR." A police source said accessing Kangana's email account and then checking the details of the emails sent by the imposter is what investigators are looking for. "From the header of the imposter's emails, investigators can find out the IP address of the imposter. And through that, the imposter can be identified within a few days," another police officer said. But the case could hit a dead end if the imposter had used proxy servers, said another source. However, an officer said Ranaut did not have her laptop when the police team visited her home to record her statement. Siddiqui did not respond to queries on allowing the police access to Kangana's email account. Roshan's publicity representative said the actor was not going to issue a statement.



Let the 'Media Trial' End and the Proper Investigation Begin: Hrithik's Spokesperson


It is no secret that Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan have been in the midst of an ugly feud over the last few months. Moreover, some time ago a so called intimate photo of the two began doing the rounds. As it so happens, a Pinkvilla exclusive soon showed that the photo was a lie. Now, it seems that the rivalry may finally come to a close.


Hrithik’s official spokesperson, Prabhat Choudhary from Spice, the consultancy firm representing Hrithik recently issued a statement indicating that the star wanted to end the feud.


“A group photograph was made to look as if it was an intimate moment between two people. Vital facts about that photograph were conveniently suppressed. We have been maintaining that this struggle is between truth and lies and nothing else. Peace is always the end objective so let the media trial end on this note and let's have the investigation begin in proper sense. We would get whole lot of answers when the imposter in this episode is caught.” the spokesperson added.



Hrithik’s lawyers slam leak of ‘intimate’ photo with Kangana

Source: Gulf News


According to sources, the pictures are from a party where the actor’s ex-wife Suzanne and other friends were also present


Actor Hrithik Roshan’s legal team on Tuesday slammed the leak of his “intimate” photo with actress Kangana Ranaut, with whom he is locked in a legal battle.


“It’s shocking that people can go to these lengths to establish a lie. They are lying and using dangerous ways to camouflage that lie. They are making efforts to blur the line between what is true and what is concocted. Please differentiate between bona fide evidence and a made up arguments.


“We will not abandon this struggle just because there is an attempt to muddle up things. We want to know what is their struggle about proving that they have had something to do with our client? What do they want to achieve through that?” said one of Roshan’s lawyers.


According to sources, the pictures are from a party where Roshan’s ex-wife Suzanne and other friends were also present.


Issues between the two actors surfaced when Ranaut hinted at Roshan being her ‘ex’, saying in an interview that she fails to understand “why exes do silly things to get your attention”.



Detailed Forensic Reports Indicate Hrithik's Innocence & Kangana's One-Sided Infatuation!


By: Isha Sharma

Date: April 25, 2016



While we thought that only Bollywood films can have some of the most absurd twists and turns, turns out it happens in real as well.

After following the Hrithik-Kangana’s legal battle, which has blown out of proportions, it was a shocking realization of the fact that the mess is only getting dirtier by each and every revelation. According to a report by, a recent twist in the tale is the extensive forensic report that has been submitted to the cyber cell.

A shocking fact that can be derived from the report is that it indicates Hrithik Roshan’s innocence! Yes, right. The leaked emails are a good enough proof that the emails that were sent by Kangana Ranaut to Hrithik Roshan clearly prove that she was infatuated with Hrithik while he tried his best to give her a cold shoulder.




Shocking! Another Desperate Strategy By Kangana Ranaut Against Hrithik Roshan


Source: BusinessofCinema

Date: April 26, 2016


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had many ups and downs in life and one of many was her secret relationship with Hrithik Roshan, which has become a talk of the town now. The recent revelation of their secret relationship has set the media abuzz. While the two were hitting back each other with legal notices, we were surprised with another big shocking twist that came out to media recently.


Of late, we came through a cozy picture of Hrithik hugging Kangana at the party and surprisingly that picture surfaced on social media like crazy. But little did anyone that the leaked picture was photoshopped . Yes, you read that right!


In her desperation to prove that she had "something" to do with Hrithik Roshan, Kangna has done the unthinkable. She has used a distorted picture from a party to prove that point.


In the same party, Hrithik's ex-wife Suzanne is there with the whole lot of common friends. All of them are hugging each other and making a jovial group picture. A group picture has been zoomed on to give an impression that Kangana was in a personal relationship with Hrithik.


The leaked picture not only included Kangana and Hrithik as these pictures are from the same night of December 2010 where Sussanne Khan, Arjun Rampal with his wife and many others were present.


We are surprised to know with this new strange strategy to prove oneself and all this just for the sake of proving that she had "something" to do with Hrithik Roshan?