Hrithik still shaken by the Istanbul attacks

Published On: 2015-09-22

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Hrithik Roshan still shaken by the Istanbul attacks


Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: July 02, 2016 


Hrithik Roshan, who flew out of Istanbul's international airport with his two sons just before it faced a terror attack, is still shaken by the experience. Says the superstar, "I was shocked to learn about this incident, as I flew out of Istanbul just a few hours before it happened. Loss of innocent lives in such incidents have become a terrible and shameful reality of the times that we live in. How does one justify such acts?" 


Hrithik mourns for the dead and the wounded in the Istanbul attack. "My heart goes out to those innocent and unsuspecting people who have been killed or injured in this heinous attack on humanity." He is currently far off from the wilderness with his sons. "We are in the NGORONGORO crater in Tanzania. Learning the primitive way of life from the Bushmen. Getting back to basics is the only way civilization can save itself."