Hrithik all set to unveil Adamantino!

Published On: 2015-09-30

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Hrithik turns wizard for luxury lifestyle brand


Source: Times of India 

Date: Aug 14 ,2016 


There's a new sorcerer in town and he's set his sights on your haute wardrobe and armoury of hightech gadgets! That's Hrithik Roshan, who is all set to lift the veil and pull a few hightech rabbits out of his wizard's hat, for the scintillating unveiling of Adamantino at Joya, the luxury and lifestyle exhibition. 


Poised to create a new, niche luxury market across the globe, the brand has teamed up with the superstar for their uber-glam launch soiree. Adamantino ­ a Latin reference to the eternal, unbreakable and unshakable quality of a diamond ­ mirrors the qualities exemplified by Hrithik. 


The Italian brand with Indian artisanship is presented by the house of Kaarya Designs. Avinash Gajera, a third-generation diamond entrepreneur envisions it as the go-partner for global luxury brands. “The business path of the future will be carved by innovative collaboration. With Adamantino, we are leveraging our decades-old diamond setting expertise to nurture business partnerships across the globe,“ he explains. Like the timeless wizardry of the character portrayed by Hrithik, the brand promises to stay ahead of the curve to offer the jet-setting luxury consumer, an unparalleled experience.