Hrithik meets Prajakta Koli

Published On: 2015-10-09

Author: Avinash Lohana

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Hrithik's date with an online sensation

Source: Mumbai Mirror
Date: September 30, 2016

The actor surprised a fan whose vlog career he'd inadvertently launched

Thane girl and YouTube sensation Prajakta Koli who runs a channel called Mostly Sane was in for a surprise recently when her friends, Sudeep Lahiri and Gurpreet Singh, arranged a meeting for her with her favourite Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan, at his Juhu residence on Wednesday. The rendezvous was the duo's birthday present for Prajakta who turned 23 this June and also to celebrate her meteoric rise on the digital platform.

“Sudeep and Gurpreet told me that we had to meet someone for a meeting but I had no idea it'd be with Hrithik. We were waiting under his building when we were asked to go upstairs even as I wondered about the person living in such a plush locality with so much security. I couldn't believe when Hrithik answered the door and greeted me with, `Hi Prajakta, how have you been?' I was shocked to discover that he even remembered my name,“ an elated Prajakta informed Mirror. It was the 42-year-old actor who had inadvertently set the youngster, whose channel now attracts above five lakh views per video and has over one lakh subscribers, on the vlogging path back in 2014. Prajakta was interning with a radio station when Hrithik visited its studio to promote Siddharth Anand's Bang Bang.“Towards the end of his visit, I shot a funny video with him for my Instagram account.Sudeep of One Digital Entertainment who was present in the studio that day asked me to launch my own YouTube channel,“ Prajakta reminisces, adding that Hrithik had arranged for a chocolate cake for her before they proceeded to watch some of her recent videos. “I don't think I'll ever cut that cake“ she gushes.

Is there another video with the actor in the works now? “He said he has seen my work and would love to collaborate on a video someday. I hope it happens soon,“ she beams, recounting how she was reduced to tears when it was time to leave the Roshan residence.