Hrithik thrills writer from E Godavari

Published On: 2015-11-11

Author: B V S Bhaskar

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Audience with Hrithik thrills writer from E. Godavari

Viswanath Venkat Dasari of Gokavaram village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh recently got a rare opportunity to attend the birthday party of Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan as a special guest this year.

Mr. Viswanath turned author with his first novel Pharaoh and The King in 2012 overcoming visual disability and mastering the English language. His second novel The Victorian was published worldwide recently.

He is an ardent admirer of Hrithik. He dedicated his second novel to him for inspiring him to be victorious in life. The novel is based on saving the world from terrorism with the help of quantum mechanics and quantum physics. He started writing The Victorian about six years ago while finishing his first novel. When Mr. Viswanath tweeted Hrithik, the star responded by inviting him and his family to his residence in Juhu, Mumbai, for his birthday on January 10.

Hrithik praised the author saying he loved the book and its cover.

Mr. Viswanath suffers from nystagmus and photophobia — his eyes cannot focus clearly on any object for more than a second. He completed his degree and is doing his first year M.A. through distance education from Gitam University.

Chosen by Infosys

Recently, he was selected in walk-in interview for Infosys and is awaiting the call letter for training. Inspired by author J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Mr. Viswanath, hailing from a farmer’s family, began to weave a tale around the mythological stories he had heard during his childhood from his mother Satya, father Radhakrishna and grandfather J. Harinath Babu.

Hrithik also wrote a personal message to Mr. Viswanath. “Dear Viswanath, thank you for inspiring me and reaffirming my beliefs. May we continue to be The Victorians of our lives! Love always!”

Earlier, Mr. Viswanath’s younger sister Saija, who overcame the same visual disability like him, danced to the song ‘Kaabilhoon’ from the movie Kaabil and posted it to Hrithik on twitter. He was deeply touched by her dance.

He wrote: “Saija, you made my heart dance, visually challenged or not, you are BEAUTIFUL! Made me so happy… Love you for sending me this!”

He recalled that after his first book was published, Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi invited him to his house and congratulated him on his work.