HR is a part of female manual of 'Lust Stories'

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik Roshan is a part of ‘female manual of Lust Stories’. Here’s his reaction


Source: HT

Date: August 16, 2018


Comedian Sumukhi Suresh’s video on a manual for lust stories, meant for women, is a huge hit online. It also mentione Hrithik Roshan for which the actor is both ‘embarrassed and flattered’.


Hrithik Roshan recently found himself part of a viral video of comedian Sumukhi Suresh where she gives a female manual to masturbation mentioning with the actor as the reigning diet to evoke sexual desire. Hrithik, when made aware of the video, had a rather honest admission to make that he was both ‘embarrassed and flattered’.

The Netflix original in India, Lust Stories, is a watershed moment in Indian popular storytelling in more ways than one. One of its most striking (and controversial) feature was its unhindered approach to dealing with the vexed issue of sex and what’s more, showing it from a female perspective. 


The Radhika Apte led story, for instance, deals with an adventurous female teacher who uses her male student for pleasure and harasses him over his girlfriend, only to dump him when he gets serious. At one point, she extracts a confession from him that whatever happened between them was with his consent.Now, this clip was picked up by stand-up comic Sumukhi Suresh in one of her shows as an example of expressing female sexuality and being confident about it. What’s more is that also spoke of masturbation by women and, in reference to that, took Hrithik Roshan’s name. She asked women to maintain cleanliness standards and masturbate, while imagining about Hrithik.


When the actor was made aware of the female manual of Lust Stories, Hrithik Roshan wrote, “Yes, I have. It is almost embarrassing but at the same time very flattering n complimentary. An honest admission. :)”Lust Stories hit the headlines as all its four stories told the story from a woman’s word viewand it was neither deified or vilified. It showed women as human beings, both vulnerable and manipulating. Sadly, what has got popular is of course the comic-realistic masturbation scene involving Kiara Advani.Meanwhile Hrithik on the work front, has Super 30 as his only film in the offing. He will play the role of Anand Kumar of Bihar, who has successfully mentored a vast number of underprivileged students to qualify for the elite Indian educational institutions like the IITs.For the same, he has been spotted shooting in studios in Mumbai and at real locations in Jaipur. In some pictures that have gone viral in the last couple of months, he looks unrecognizable. Hrithik, in the last year or so, has been in news for all the wrong reasons. His rather public feud with alleged ex-flame Kangana Ranaut had the entire nation in its thrall. Of late, there were strong rumours that he and ex-wife, Sussanne Khan were going to get married again. That was stoutly refuted by the concerned parties. Meanwhile, the two are routinely spotted on family outings with their sons Watch The Video