Hrithik sets parenting goals

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik Roshan sets new parenting goals as he teaches his sons mountain-climbing and cliff-jumping in new videos


Date: Aug 12, 2018


Recently, Hrithik Roshan posted some cool videos with his sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan, on his social media handle. In addition to the good looks of the father and the cuteness quotient of his kids, there was another element that made the videos more endearing.“Many people felt that it was very interesting to see how Hrithik was teaching his kids important lessons while having fun. Whether it was getting the two brothers to climb a mountain, make their own raft or even train their minds to get over their fear and jump off a cliff, Hrithik has done it all,” says a source. Those close to the actor say that the doting dad believes it’s essential to impart these lessons to kids who are evolving and growing every day. The source adds, “Hrithik realises that the things that they learn now will stay with them forever as these form their foundation. From the videos, we can see how he protects them but at the same time, also wants them to learn and achieve things.” Fans, who have been applauding the actor’s efforts on social media, sure can take a leaf out of his book to be cool parents.