When Hrithik Roshan made an exception

Published On: 2016-02-13

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When Hrithik Roshan made an exception

Source: Asian Age
Date: Mar 3, 2019,

Hrithik Roshan shares his camaraderie with designer-turned-director Vikram Phadnis. Actor Hrithik Roshan turned up again for his new friend designer-turned-director Vikram Phadnis to give the mahurat clap for his Marathi film Smile Please.

Hrithik, who never gives mahurat claps for films, made an exception here and explaining the reason behind the same, he says, “I did not know this guy. I didn't know him at all. Two and a half years ago, he called me up. He wanted me to do a guest appearance in his film. I don't do guest appearances (that easily). I am not so fond of them. Since he was a friend's friend and wanted to come and narrate the script to me, I asked him to come over for fifteen minutes to sit and chat. He was very dignified and polished till the time he started speaking about the film. Then he was bouncing off my wall and ceiling. I was like, Oh my god! This man has some passion. Those fifteen minutes turned into two hours and by the end of it, I had tears flowing down. I couldn't stop. We were discussing the characters, the climax and what changes could we do there, etc.”

The actor adds that he went ahead and did the cameo. “That was the first meeting following which I had the opportunity to be in his debut film Hrudayantar. He is a crazy man on set. You are in safe hands but he will push you and that's what you want from a director. I am happy he has started his second film and I am happy to be in the film but disappointed that I don't have a role in his second film,” he quips.

Vikram immediately retorts, “One scene of yours in the film is as good as the entire budget of the film including the P and A.”

Hrithik counters, “When the hell have we discussed monies, Vikram? I am getting to the stage now where I don't like you anymore!”

Smile Please reunites the director with actress Mukta Barve, who was also in his debut film Hrudayantar. The film also features Lalit Prabhakar, Prasad Oak and Aditi Govitrikar in prominent roles. Incidentally, Vikram also completes 27 years in the fashion industry!