So much to take back from Hrithik says Tiger

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Meena Iyer

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‘So much to take back from Hrithik sir’: Tiger Shroff


Date: May 08, 2019


Tiger Shroff on working with his role model for the first time


Tiger Shroff has his fan-boy moments around Hrithik Roshan. From the start of his career, this star son has always made this fact be known to everyone who will care to listen. Surprise, surprise, the two of them decided to get together and do an action thriller for Yash Raj Films. Directed by Siddharth Anand and tentatively titled Hrithik v/s Tiger (we are guessing, this is for lack of a better title), the movie is being readied for an October release.


While sources on set say that both actors are fiercely competitive because of their wish to give the best to the camera, off the sets, it is a guru-shishya kind of atmosphere with Tiger making it known that he is very taken in by Hrithik sir.




The Baaghi 2 star says, ’Working with Hrithik sir has been a gratifying experience. I’ve gotten to know so much about the craft and also so much about him. I respect him more after my personal interaction with him on the sets of our action film. I have seen how meticulous he is about every frame. If Hrithik sir is where he is today, it is because of his ability and desire to give the best. There is so much to take back from that man. The kind of intricacies he focusses on is amazing. Such detailing is what makes the end product so fantastic.’