10 achievements of Superstar Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2016-03-17

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20 Years of Hrithik Roshan: A glimpse at 10 achievements of the SUPERSTAR in the two decades at the Box Office

Source: Bollywood Hungama
Date: Jan 15, 2020

January 14, 2000 saw the birth of a superstar in Bollywood as Hrithik Roshan made his acting debut with father Rakesh Roshan’s love story, Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai.  Never since then has the industry seen that sort of euphoria around a debutant and never has an actor become a superstar right since the release of his first film. Such was the impact that Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai left among the audience. From Hrithik’s clothing style to his dance and mannerism, everything became a rage among the audience and the film in today’s time has attained a cult status. It wouldn’t be wrong to term Hrithik Roshan the last superstar of Bollywood, as since 2000, Bollywood has seen several “STARS” but not a single “SUPERSTAR”.

1. His debut film, Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai sold 3 crore plus tickets, and he is the only actor in the last 20 years to attain this feat and the second person in Bollywood history after Salman Khan to get 3 crore plus people watch his debut film . The footfalls of Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai finds a place in the top 10 films of all time in the modern era. Historic indeed! (Note: Salman’s debut, Maine Pyar Kiya sold 5 crore plus tickets though the actor had a special cameo in Biwi Ho Toh Aisi)


2. While most actors struggle to deliver a highest grossing film of the year, Hrithik did that with his debut film itself as Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai was the highest grossing film of 2000. The fact that it had such a prolonged run speaks about the euphoria and craze in the market. Despite featuring a debutant, the exhibitors started early morning screenings of the film across the nation in the times when film exhibition started from the noon, and to everyone’s surprise the film recorded housefull boards from the first day itself. Hrithik became a SUPERSTAR on arrival. This movement was termed as “Hrithikmania” by the press earlier in the millennium.


3. Hrithik started the first decade of his career with a HGOTY (Highest Grosser of The Year) and closed the second decade of his career also with a HGOTY. Poetic indeed! In a span of 20 years, he has delivered four highest grossing films of the year, which is higher than everyone in the film industry except the three Khans. Since 2000, the list of actors having delivering HGOTY is as follows:


- Salman Khan: 6 Films

-  Aamir Khan: 5 Films

-Hrithik Roshan: 4 Films

- Shah Rukh Khan: 3 Films


4. Being a superhero is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hrithik is the only actor to have succeeded as a superhero (Krrish) in India till date. Well, a superstar and a superhero, that makes for a deadly combo.


5. Krrish is undoubtedly the biggest franchise of India in terms of number of tickets sold riding on the shoulders of just one man and that’s Hrithik Roshan. The three films from the franchise have sold approx. 6 crore plus tickets, which is a humongous feat for a franchise. That apart, the audience base of the franchise has gone up with every passing film. (Note: Dhoom has sold marginally higher tickets - approx. 6.10 crore tickets, but the lead actor has kept changing with every passing installment).


6. In the year of his debut, Hrithik clashed with the then top star, Shah Rukh Khan at the box office during the Diwali weekend in 2000 with Mission Kashmir. While Mohabbatein was a big star-cast film getting Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai together, Mission Kashmir was an action thriller with Hrithik, Preity Zinta and Sanjay Dutt. And to everyone’s surprise, Hrithik won the opening day box office clash against Shah Rukh Khan, as Mission Kashmir opened to Rs. 1.64 crore as compared to Rs. 1.19 crore of Mohabbatein. Of course, the lifetime collections of SRK’s film were higher due to better content, it was Hrithik who won the opening day clash with just his third release.


7. He is among the very few actors in Bollywood history who have delivered the top two highest grossing films of the year as Dhoom 2 was the highest grosser of 2006 while Krrish was the second highest grosser of the year.


8. Currently, he holds the record of biggest opening day collections of all time and biggest single day collection of all time, as War raked in a little over Rs. 53 crore at the box office despite facing clash from multiple films.


9. Hrithik commands a 100% success rate in the action genre as none of his action films have failed at the box office till date. An interesting point to note here is that the pre-release excitement created by his action films is often at another level which has resulted in excellent opening for all his films in this zone.


10. Of his 24 releases, 14 films are “SUCCESSFUL” of which 11 are “CLEAN HITS”. His hit ratio stands at 45% while the success ratio is 59%, the highest among all the actors since the 1990’s who have acted in at-least 20 films.


While these are the major box-office achievements, one must not forget how he has inspired a generation of actors that followed him to be well trained not just in acting, but also dance. It’s him who made dancing mainstream in the industry, and the actors who made their debut in the last 15 years can vouch for this.