When Hrithik Roshan rescued a young girl

Published On: 2016-03-29

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15 years of 26/7 Mumbai Floods: When Hrithik Roshan rescued a young girl from drowning outside Abhishek Bachchan's house 'Prateeksha'

Source: Peeping Moon
Date: July 28, 2020

It's been 15 years since Mumbai faced the wrath of a major cloud burst on July 26, 2005. The city experienced the deadliest floods and memories of the day are still fresh in the minds of Mumbaikars. Recalling the day, a Twitter user shared an incident that was witnessed by him. Nishant Kaushik, on Twitter, revealed that Hrithik Roshan saved a college-going girl's life outside his friend Abhishek Bachchan's bungalow, Pratiksha, which was just minutes away from his own house.

Narrating the incident, Nishant tweeted, "Dean had asked some of us to walk the girls back from NMIMS to their Juhu hostel. Ten feet short of the hostel, a girl slipped out of our human chain and went underwater. Hrithik emerged from Prateeksha and rescued her. A lesson that heroes don't need the camera on to perform"

Ever since this was posted, fans of the actor have been commenting to check if this is true and also mentioning how proud they are of Hrithik and even want elaborate details of what happened. To which, another Twitter user confirmed that this happened and even shared how girls all over that area kept hoping to fall into a manhole at the same place for a couple of weeks after, only to be rescued by Hrithik. Hrithik had jumped to the girl's rescue when he saw her slip underwater outside Abhishek's bungalow. Not only did he pull her out of it and saved her life but also personally dropped the girl to her hostel around the same area. 

Another Twitter user in the same thread also confirmed the story and shared how the girl was his batchmate from the university, NMIMS.