Lakshya Movie Preview

Published On: 2013-03-30

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Lakshya Movie Preview


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Luck seems to have favored Hrithik Roshan once again. After a series of flops, Koi Mil Gaya came as a blessing in disguise for Junior Roshan. Hrithik won several awards for Koi Mil Gaya, which Brought him in the limelight once again. And it gets even better with Farhan Akhtar's second film 'Lakshya'. Hrithik will be paired for the third time with the dimpled smile, bubbly and vivacious Preity Zinta. Hrithik is a dedicated actor who tries very hard. In an excerpt from an interview, Hrithik claims' I'm not talented, I'm hardworking'. Well the efforts are bearing fruit. The promos have already raised several eyebrows. Only one film old, director Farhan Akhtar is making waves with his second Hindi film 'Lakshya', that promises to be a film with a difference.


Farhan Akhtar has to be complimented for his directorial style. With extreme subtlety, Farhan fuses various themes that become so easy to digest, even if it caters to a common man. War has fascinated the biggest names in the industry and each director has a way of handling the subject. One can be assured that Farhan Akhtar's film will say a lot without becoming a war film. It covers themes like search for the self, a man's mission in life, love, honor, patriotism, (without promoting Jingoistic feelings). Shot in Ladakh, Dehradun and Delhi, the film, focuses on the Pakistani intrusion of Kargil (Jammu and Kashmir) in 1999 and operation Vijay, where Hrithik's character (Karan Shergill) has been incorporated in a fictitious manner.


'Lakshya' depicts the metamorphosis of its male protagonist where the search for the self finally comes to an end. Javed Akhtar (who has written the script for his son's second film) has turned to script writing after a hiatus of 15 years. Lakshya is the journey of a teenager who never worries about his future. Born to rich parents, he does not take anything seriously until one day..Preity Zinta plays the female protagonist in the film. Portraying the character of Romila Dutta, Preity plays a journalist in the film who is in love with Karan (Hrithik Roshan). She believes that Karan will have a bright future.


Lakshya also Starrs the 'Angry Young Man' Amitabh Bachchan, as he was famously called in his earlier days. His presence compliments the film. And one expects only the best from Big B. He needs no further defining. His work does all the talking. Seen along the powerful trio, are other actors like Nawab, Prashant, Sharad Kapoor, Boman Irani, (whose comic timing is fantastic), Sushant Singh and the versatile actor Om Puri. Interestingly, this will be the second film, after Govind Nihalnai's Dev, where the big B will be seen once again with Om Puri. What is also interesting is that, the last time Javed Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan worked together was in 1989, when Akhtar wrote the script for the film 'Main Azad Hoon'.


Ritesh Sidhwani, having produced Farhan's Debut film 'Dil Chahta Hai', is once again producing Farhan's film 'Lakshya'. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have composed the music of Lakshya. After the huge success of Dil Chahta Hai, the expectations are high from the three musicians who have given a new meaning to Indian music by blending it with new tunes, beats and melodies. Seems like Farhan really believes in teamwork. Preity remains a favourite. The last time Farhan Approached Hrithik was for his film 'Dil Chahta Hai'. But busy schedules kept the superstar away. But not this time. Farhan Akhtar also knows how to keep his audience waiting. But no one is complaining. It is worth the wait.