Bollywood's Relationship with the Media

Published On: 2013-05-01

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Bollywood’s love-hate relationship with the media


Source: IANS


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Farhan Akhtar's latest labor of love "Lakshya" that released Friday is an ode to both army men and journalists. While talented actor Hrithik Roshan portrays a yuppie who finds his calling in the army, his love interest in the film is a TV journalist played by Preity Zinta.

It was perhaps inconceivable that Hrithik's character would have been reunited with Preity's at the peak of a war unless she was a journalist. Apparently, Hindi filmmakers have a long way to go before they can envisage the role of a woman soldier, but that is a discussion for another day.

Preity's character in the film, Romila Dutta, is modelled on NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt who achieved fame for her live coverage of the Kargil border conflict between Indian and Pakistan in 1999.

Before this, Preity had played a highly unrealistic journalist who sang and danced in "Mission Kashmir" - which was ironically directed by journalist - Khalid Mohammad.