Star Weddings: Where they stand today

Published On: 2012-08-29

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Star weddings:Where they stand today

Source: Indiatimes

Tons of Hollywood celebrities have ended their marriage in record time. 'Baywatch' babe Carmen Electra and basketball bad-boy Dennis Rodman were married for a whopping nine days in November 1998. Rodman had the marriage annulled due to the fact that he was too drunk to know what he was doing. Wow, how's that for romance? In India, celeb marriages have had their own share of trouble. Down the ages, the silsila of marriages in Bollywood has left us watching and wondering at the sordid details which emerge from some closed doors while marveling at those which survived the pulls and pushes of being married and in the limelight. 

Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan 

He broke all hearts with his debut film but she was the one woman who had remained by his side through the struggle and the hard work which it took to metamorphose as the nation's heartthrob. While Hrithik has slowed down his pace of films, Suzanne continues her own career in interior decorating.