A Look at the Best Debuts

Published On: 2012-08-30


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Gifts of the Millennium: A Look at the Best Debuts

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MUMBAI - Every decade has seen arrivals or breakthroughs of major talents in the field of acting, filmmaking and music - the three principal areas that matter in cinema for the audience. As it happens, certain decades were distinguished for yielding talents in specific fields. For example, the 1940s introduced virtually all the giant playback singers, the '50s were noticed for brilliant filmmakers, the '60s for some of our greatest heroes and so on.

The millennium, however, has seen an assortment of new talent coming to the fore in several fields. The trend today, largely because of the poor box-office ratio of success, is to experiment freely, because the risks are no less with established names and genres, and new blood at least makes for fresh thinking, outlook and styles. 

Presenting the foremost discoveries of the millennium, which also include '90s discoveries who made their impact after the new millennium began.

ACTORS: While the three Khans continue to rule as they have for a decade now, 2000 saw them face their biggest challenge ever in the sinewy body, "international" dancing caliber (choreographer Farah Khan's description) and magical charisma of Hrithik Roshan, with his smash-debut in Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai. Sadly, he could not maintain box-office standards, but that hardly matters. Two superlative performances (in the huge hit Koi...Mil Gaya as well as the commercial non-starter Lakshya), and the cream of assignments (Krrish, his home production sequel to KMG, Akbar-Jodha in which he plays Emperor Akbar and Dhoom II as its stylized main villain) ensure that Hrithik will be around - for a long while.