The best for Krrish

Published On: 2014-11-06

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Nothing less than the best for Krrish

Source: Indiafm
Date:September 9, 2005 

When Rakesh Roshan decides to make a film, he believes in giving the project his all. The stakes are always high, but then so are the gains. This was proved by Koi Mil Gaya . While the shooting for Koi Mil Gaya was going on, there were many raised eyebrows since the budget was said to be a whopping Rs. 25 crore. However, Roshan proved all his detractors wrong as Koi Mil Gaya was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2003 

Roshan's budget has been escalating with every consecutive movie. While the budget for Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai was around 15 crore, it increased by 10 crores for Koi Mil Gaya . And now reportedly, the budget for his next movie Krrish is an exorbitant 45 crores. 

Roshan has no qualms about his grand budgets. According to him, he has the capacity to make a film at such a grand scale, and so he does it. Since its launch, Krrish, has been in the news for various reasons. The banner, the cast were just some of the reasons. Sources say that technically, the film will be the most competent Hindi film ever. Bollywood has never seen the stunts that are a part of this movie. Apparently Hrithik will be seen leaping like a deer, running faster than a horse and doing all kinds of daring stunts. Some risky stunts were shot in Kulu Manali with world famous action director Tony Ching. 

For the purpose of the film, Hrithik Roshan went through a grueling one-month training session. The action director Tony Ching was very impressed with him because Hrithik accomplished in one month, what anyone else would have in three months. Though there were precautions for Hrithik's safety, an element of danger is always there when such dangerous stunts are involved. Everything has a price and the cost of the stunts alone is pegged at an ambitious Rs. 18 crore. 

Cynics within the film industry point out that this time Roshan has gone overboard, because 45 crores is big money. More so because, even the subject of the film is risky. However, if the Roshans are willing to take the risk, there should be no problem. After all, the biggest risk of all is not taking one at all.