Krrish premiere at I.I.F.A.?

Published On: 2015-02-01

Author: Taran Adarsh

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Krrish premiere at I.I.F.A.?

Date: April 25, 2006

After the official announcement that I.I.F.A. will be held in Dubai this year, the question uppermost on everyone’s lips is: Which biggie will be premiered at I.I.F.A. this year? 

I.I.F.A. has always hosted the world premiere of a keenly-anticipated film year after year. From LAGAAN to YUVA to ARMAAN to PARINEETA, the global premiere of the film is a looked-forward-to event. And if the grapevine is to be believed, Rakesh Roshan’s KRRISH might be premiered in Dubai this year. 

“Nothing is confirmed,” Sabbas Joseph, one of the organizers of I.I.F.A., enlightens me, “We haven’t penciled on any film yet. Of course, we are in talks with various producers, but the official announcement will be made once we finalize the film.” 

However, the creator of KRRISH, Rakesh Roshan, feels that his film wouldn’t be ready by mid-June, so as to have its premiere at I.I.F.A. “Since I.I.F.A. is taking place from June 14-16, I will have to ready the film much before the scheduled dates, which is next to impossible. As a result, KRRISH will not be premiered at I.I.F.A. for this reason,” Roshan Sr. informs me. 

Nonetheless, Roshan Sr. is firm on a June release for the film. “KRRISH is definitely arriving in June, that’s for sure. But I’ve yet to confirm the date,” he adds.