Filmdom to fatherhood!

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Filmdom to fatherhood Hrithik's ready to become a DAD!

Source: Masala Magazine

Date: October 2, 2005

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Just a couple of weeks ago, we bought you one of the most honest and passionate interviews ever given to the public by Hrithik Roshan. So in love with Sussanne was he, that even cupid would have shed a tear or two. Perhaps it was because he knew, what we later found out. Four years after a fairy tale marriage, filled with abounding adoration, we heard that Hrithik Roshan is on the way to becoming a dad. Wife Sussanne Khan is expecting the couple's first born in April 2006.


Though Hrithik is currently shooting for Krrish in Singapore, he sportingly answered his mobile when Masala! called to congratulate him. "Yes it's true, I'm actually going to be a father and I'm thrilled! I didn't know that the papers were out with the news already….all I can say is that I hope Sussanne and I make good parents. That's really important to me." The senior Roshan's are quite ecstatic as well. Father Rakesh Roshan said, "The feeling of becoming a grandfather is out of this world. For me this is the second time- I already have an eight year old granddaughter (daughter Sunaina's child)."