'There are moments I've felt almost invincible'

Published On: 2015-05-06

Author: Archana Masih

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'There are moments I've felt almost invincible'


Date: June 21,2006

Source: Rediff


Taking on the criticism that it is only his father, director Rakesh Roshan, that brings out the best in him, Hrithik Roshan says it has just happened that his better films have been his father's.


"It is almost as if you are trying to discount my talent," he says.


In the third part of his exclusive interview to, the actor speaks about his father, actress Priyanka Chopra, his co-star in Krrish, and Rang De Basanti.



Do you feel more confident about working with your dad?


In certain ways yes, in certain ways no.


Dad always treats me like an actor, he never treats me like a star. He is conscious about the approach to my work. He knows the amount of time I would need to prepare, he doesn't take me for granted. It is very transparent and crystal clear to each other.


When I work outside it is taken for granted that it is Hrithik, he can do anything and I am treated like a star. So there are moments when I've felt almost invincible when I am working with somebody outside because that's the kind of feel they like to give me, which is false of course, but sometimes it makes me feel wow -- am I all that?


Working with dad I feel like just a worker. There is no awareness of the star tag at all. Sometimes I forget that I am the star of the film at all with the work at hand.


Your father has indicated making a sequel to Krrish.


If you come thinking superhero, you're not going to get it. But when you leave the theatre and look back you do say -- 'This guy is a superhero. He can save the world.' But in this film he doesn't take the responsibility of saving the world. That's not what the film is about, it's about a personal battle, a personal story.


Spiderman, Superman were characters taken from comic books. They didn't have to be created for the first time visually in a movie. It (Krrish) had no history which is why this film creates that history first. It creates the space for the birth of a superhero.


Who knows what he can do after Krrish? Maybe in part II he will be an all out superhero who takes on a super villain.


In retrospect do you think that in working with your dad perhaps you won't feel shortchanged like you have been by some directors?


I don't think it's fair to compare directors or compare talent. Everybody is talented. My father himself has given a number of flops, so good films and bad films are a part of life.


So far it so happened that my better films were the ones I did with my dad. It just looks that way -- that my dad makes the best films for me. If that is the consequence of the love that he has for me then it is something to learn for other directors -- to love your actors like your sons. Because that will only amount to a better film.


I keep hearing this that -- 'it's your dad who takes out the best in you, is that because he is your dad and loves you so much' -- it's almost as if you are trying to discount my talent.


On the contrary if it is the film that makes me stand out and becomes historical hits, I'll say well tell the other directors to love their actors like their sons. If that condones a good product then that's what should be done.


You worked with Priyanka Chopra for the first time, what struck you about working with her?


She is a natural in front of the camera and is very unassuming. She is very much the person she is, she's not a fake. It's a combination of her talent and the person that she is.


She is also a person who looks at the big picture and is not only concerned about her own close ups. She is not only involved with what she's supposed to do in the film but looks at her work with the perspective of the entire film which is the work of a serious actor.


Any recent films that have stood out in your mind?


Unfortunately in this past year I haven't seen any films. The last film that I saw which struck a chord in me was Rang De Basanti. I really loved the film.


You were meant to be doing that film.


Yes, but unfortunately or fortunately I was doing Krrish and couldn't get the dates out.