Take Five

Published On: 2015-06-21

Author: Subhash K Jha

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Take Five


Krrish crossed


Beginning this week, we put our directors in the dock. Fresh after the release of their film, we tell them what critics don't like about it. And give them a chance to hit back. In the first of the series, Rakesh Roshan responds to criticism against Krrish


Charge no. 1

It's being said that Krrish doesn't touch people's hearts like Koi…Mil Gaya did.

It's a prevalent practice here to always make what comes in the past seem better than the new product. But comparing Krrish with Koi…Mil Gaya is like comparing Raj Kapoor's Sangam with Awaara. The box-office collections tell another story. The way things look, Krrish is going to be the biggest blockbuster made in this country. We'll cross more than Rs 60 crore in seven days. To make a niche film is relatively easy. Sanjay Bhansali's Black was a fantastic film. And the business it did was surprising. But I make fully commercial films. People expect me to surpass my previous collections. Krrish has done so in the first three days. Krrish belongs to the same genre as Superman or King Kong, so it had to go by the genre. In every film of that genre the heroine wonders about the superhero's identity.


Charge no. 2

Another criticism is that the film is too long and the comic portions in the first half are redundant.

If this film was called Koi…Tumsa Nahin and not Krrish no one would've minded the length. If I have old-fashioned comedy in the first half it's because I know people enjoy it in the interiors. I made the audience fall in love with Krishna first, so they could adore Krrish in the second half. As for the comedy being old-fashioned, the film is doing so well in places like Patna because it's old-fashioned. I've to make sure Krrish runs everywhere, from Tamil Nadu to the US.


Charge no. 3

Priyanka Chopra is being criticised for her minimised role and poor acting.

Although Preity Zinta had a substantial role in Koi…Mil Gaya, Hrithik's role completely over-shadowed her. Now it's Priyanka. She is overshadowed because Hrithik has the author-backed role and he's a very fine actor. He put his whole and soul in both films. Having said that, I still feel that if Priyanka's role and the love story didn't work, the film wouldn't have worked either.


Charge no. 4

There are too many product endorsements in the film.

Today, even in Hollywood films are packed with endorsements. Every entertainment product is now propped up by other products. I see no harm in showing Rekha washing her clothes using a particular detergent or Hrithik drinking a particular beverage. And don't people have Lay's chips in movie theatres? So why not in my film?



Charge no. 5

Critics have said the music is forgettable.

Those who say the songs aren't up to the mark should see how the music sales have picked up after the release.