"I wish I could fly back to Mumbai"

Published On: 2015-06-27

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‘I wish I could fly back to Mumbai!’


Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: June 28, 2006


Hrithik Roshan is missing home. The actor speaks from Namibia, where he is shooting for Dhoom 2


Ram Kamal Mukherjee


Hrithik Roshan is missing Mumbai like never before. “If I could make a wish for myself, I'd wish that I could fly back to Mumbai right now,” says the superhero.


The actor had to leave for the last schedule of Sanjay Gadhvi's Dhoom 2, in South Africa, just two days after the release of his much- awaited film Krrish. Currently shooting with Abhishek Bachchan, the actor seems to be missing all the fun and the celebrations. “I had to request Sanjay Gadhvi to give me a day off, just to get my heart back from Mumbai, after the post-release excitement of Krrish,” jokes Hrithik.


The actor wants to come to Mumbai and be with his papa and see the reaction to his film. Now, Rakesh Roshan has added a new song in the promo. “We have still not added the song in the film. People have liked it the way it has been shot and released. We'll wait and see, if needed we can add the song after a few weeks. I am away from where I want to be, but I am sure the excitement will continue for some time,” says Hrithik.


Hrithik says he didn't expect the reaction he has been getting. "”I think the achievement is that it's appealed to people from 3 to 80 years,” he says. “However, I still feel that Krrish is still a long way from competing on a world platform.”


Hrithik Roshan plays a bad boy in Dhoom 2. “I can't talk about the film and my character,” he says. “Aditya (Chopra) will kill me. But I am sure that you'll be surprised by me in this film, and it will be a pleasant surprise. Krrish was a mission for me. Now I'm ready for my next big challenge,” he says.


The actor also reiterates his worry about fans trying to duplicate his stunts in India. “I had written an open letter in Mumbai Mirror warning kids not to do so, but I am still worried. Once again, I would like to state that we all have the potential to become a superhero. For that, you don't have to jump from one skyscraper to another. You can do as much good with just a smile. If my fans love me, they will respect my views I hope,” he says.


Hrithik will be back in Mumbai after two months.