"Krrish marks a change in Bollywood"

Published On: 2015-06-28

Author: unknown

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Source: HindustanTimes

Date: June 28, 2006


One of our columnists, Saibal Chatterjee, dismissing Krrish as just another Bollywood fare hasn't gone down well with our surfers.


According to him, though the movie's basic premise is about an invincible superhero, it "is a good ol' entertainer in the classic Bollywood tradition. No narrative logic, no psychological realism and loads of shallow romance complete with stale song and dance routines, but all in all three hours of undemanding, unalloyed fun." Further on he says, Krrish isn't quite the sort of cinema that could show Bollywood the way forward".


Our surfers are in absolute disagreement with this. They insist it is a step forward in Bollywood.


Here's how the reactions have gone. Rajiv from Melbourne put it forthright.


"I totally disagree with the author on his take on the movie. The movie certainly is a step forward for Bollywood. Apart from the mythical stories, never before have we seen an Indian superhero who looks like a normal guy and someone who is not one of the Godly avatars.


I believe we Indians should start accepting our Bollywood heroes in such roles because someone's got to start the trend. Full credit to the Roshans for having introduced a new genre of Indian cinema.


When it comes to Hollywood, all of us would watch a Superman, Spiderman or a Batman movie which are probably further from reality than anything else, then why such a partial treatment to apna hero?"


New York's TJ too echoed similar sentiments.


"The author is forgetting what he wrote in his starting paragraph about what is new in film Krrish. He contradicts his own writing.


What is the big deal, creating a super action movie with bold new outlook based on technology that Hindi audience vowed while looking at Hollywood movies?


After all Hindi movies target Indian audience be it in India or abroad."


Puneet of Los Angeles, US felt the writer was too much into the "arty" sort of films.


"Saibal Chatterjee has no idea what fiction means. He lives in this idealistic world, which for him is what is possible to see with naked eye. If his concepts were ever true then movies like Spiderman, Superman and Batman won't have gone on to be big grossers like they have been.


Gods like Hanuman, Ram and other myth characters lived in vivid images of Indian community. He really needs to take a break and concentrate on being a critic for some art movies whose concepts are out of real life and not made for fantasy fiction and entertainment.


I would give the movie a 10/10."


Kandarp Modi of Toronto in Canada thought Indians had a lot to thank Rakesh Roshan.


"I think movies like Krrish are made for 'entertainment' of the masses and to show something that is different from the daily life and routine of the common man.


It is good that we have directors like Rakesh Roshan, who at least makes something that can be watched along with the whole family. Even the TV screens have not been spared of Himesh Reshamiya kind of screaming (and same-tune) songs.


On top of that we see Imran Hashmi showing his sexual and porn capabilities over and over again. I tell you, Hindi cinema is much better the Rakesh Roshan way!"


However, not all were in disagreement with Mr Chatterjee's line of think. Ayaz, Coral Springs, USA didn't think very highly of the film. "I think your is the first medium to write the truth about this movie. Bravo to your unit."