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Published On: 2012-09-10

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Filmfare Tidbits

Source: Filmfare, November 2005
Typed by: Vani

Letter from the editor 

One star who is very particular about pictures is Hrithik Roshan. Though, as they said about Princess Diana, Hrithik simply doesn't have a bad angle. Hrithik is not only incredibly good-looking, he has such star quality that he doesn't need to do anything for the camera; he just has to be. I particularly loved this month's pictures of his by Dabboo Ratnani; they have a clean, luminous quality that, for me, sums up Hrithik's appeal. 

Assistant Editor Praveen Bharadwaj caught Hrithik just before he left for an extended Krrish spell in Singapore and found him rarin' to go for one more bone wearying schedule. Read about the extraordinary lengths the Roshans have gone to for the movie and you will understand what makes them such a best-selling team. Both are totally committed in their own different ways and taskmaster though the father is, his son is even more driven. You can sense the excitement in Hrithik's voice when he talks about Krrish, though he Roshan's don't want to say much about it now - "It's too far away at this point ". That doesn't stop us from pushing them though, and both have promised to give us a sneak peek as soon as they're ready. Can you wait?

Hairs looking at them

After months of outdoor action scenes, Hrithik Roshan's acquired a glowing tan…and new highlights in his hair. 

Verdict: Duggu's looking even sexier... if that were possible!

Top of the pops

There are smiles all round in the Roshan household -Hrithik and Sussanne are expecting their first baby. We hear Sussanne is being pampered silly by the family and Hrithik is taking her for long drives, monitoring her diet, indulging all her food cravings and making the most of the time they have together before he leaves for his next schedule of Krrish in Singapore. Sussanne is glowing… and Hrithik some more!

Pearl Dil Ke Paas- Dabboo Ratnani

Ever since i visited Duggu's house, I'd wanted to shoot his pet cat Pearl and him together. The idea was to capture Hrithik light eyes along with pearls electrifying yellow ones. But it was a task tougher than i thought it would be - Peal was in no mood to be photographed. Then we hit upon an idea: we placed a mirror in front of the camera lights in order to distract the cat. She kept looking at her image in the mirror and we managed the right shot. If u look at the photograph carefully, you'll find I've managed capture both pairs of eyes in sync . And both look absolutely mesmerizing.