Tere jaisa yaar kahan

Published On: 2012-09-12

Author: Sapna Bhavnani

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Tere jaisa yaar kahan


Source: Mumbai Mirror
By: Sapna Bhavnani
Date: October 15, 2005
Courtesy: Pari, TB

Hey Sapna, this is Suzanne Roshan. Wanted to know if you have any time today for Hrithik?" What? Hrithik! I was at a shoot in Andheri and told her that I would not be able to see him that day. "Well do you think you can come by our house tomorrow for ten minutes? Hrithik has a couple of questions." "Come by your house? What sort of a request was that? Of course."

Suddenly I realised that I had the best job in the world. First Rishi and Neetu (will write about them soon), then Shah Rukh and Gauri, and now Hrithik and Suzanne. Now I don't mean to sound shallow and star-struck, but I could not wait for the next day. I arrived on time and was seated in a well-designed comfy living room. I looked around and checked out every detail. A room says a lot about its owner. And this room had my attention. I had some Tang and noticed their sweet Persian cat trying to say hello. Pets! I liked the Roshans already.

"Hi Sapna, I'm Hrithik." "Dude, I know you." He was very well-dressed and seemed very comfortable in his skin. I liked that. I tried my best to act so very professional but could not help calling him "Dude." I think he liked that.

The big day arrived when Hrithik and Suzanne came to Mad O Wot. There were people climbing up on trees to catch a glimpse of the "Dude." I had no idea he was this popular. I entertained them with tunes from Disco Dancer, Karz, Hum Kissi Se Kum Nahin, and Let's Enjoy. Hrithik was shocked to see me groove to Hindi music.

"You are a true Indian" he said. I blushed at the compliment. After spending the whole day with him and Suzanne, I went home feeling very, very low. He was so eccentric (and I mean that in the coolest way) and she was so calm and beautiful. She grounded him in every way. I could not escape my thoughts that night. They reminded me of my relationship with my ex.

Last night, they came back to Mad O Wot. This time I knew Suzanne was pregnant and I had this new kind of love for them. A very motherly, if you will, sorta love. I hugged Suzanne really tight and made sure she was comfortable before I got to her sweet husband. We chatted about their past and their present. I could not help but notice the way he spoke about the mother of his child. He had so much respect and love. They laughed the whole time. She glowed. He glowed. I checked myself in the mirror and made a mental note to put on a face mask to attempt the "glow."

They are like therapy to me. I am so cynical and so self-cantered and did I say shallow? How, how, how, could they be like this, especially in this day and age? After spending all these years together, they still looked like they were on their first date. I let them talk and went up to my CD player and put on my favourite song. 

Note: I only play this song for those who touch me in ways beyond comprehension. "This song goes out to you guys," I said with tears (God! I can be sooo filmy sometimes). "Tere jaisa yaar kahan, kahan aisa yaarana….yaad karegi duniya, tera mera afsaana…" sang the stereo and I looked over in their direction and they both sat in their respective chairs staring at me in unison. "Oh no! Did I do something wrong? Did I play a taboo song?" I paused the track and stared back at them. "This is my favourite song; I used to sing this to Suzanne when we started dating. God, I haven't heard this song in so long," yelled an emotional Hrithik. Suzanne blushed. I felt like a third wheel. Hrithik and I proceeded to blast the volume and sing it loud (and yes, with all the hand gestures). I even got down on my knees and serenaded them.

Moments like these don't come by too often. I treasured every bit of it. Hrithik and Suzanne and I know this is just the beginning of something kickass. I don't care about your Bollywood career dude, but you moved me in real life and that is not easy to do. To make matters worse, I had to go meet a good friend at my ex's house the same night. I was already emotionally charged and did not quite know how to be. Here I was, sitting in my old house, hanging with my ex and his friends, laughing on the outside, but fully messed up inside. I smoked a couple cigarettes to calm myself down but the moments my ex and I shared kept on flashing in my mind. I left abruptly and ran to my car (my safe haven) and yes, blasted "Tere jaisa yaar kahan….."

Thank you Hrithik and Suzanne for humbling me.