This Couple Is Just Killah!

Published On: 2015-10-28

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This Couple Is Just Killah!


Source: TOI

Date: November 4, 2006


We asked you, who you thought was the HOTTEST couple in the forthcoming Dhoom 2: Bipasha-Abhishek or Hrithik-Aishwarya? Your verdict


The sexiest couple of Dhoom 2is definitely the doeeyed damsel (Aishwarya) with her doe-eyed hunk (Hrithik). They look fantastic together. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see Hrithik-Ash together on screen. They have no competition or match. Hrithik is the sexiest man on earth while Abhishek-Bipasha have already worked together earlier and there was nothing to talk about their on-screen chemistry.

— Juhi Gattani


Hrithik and Aishwarya are looking amazing together in Dhoom 2. Both are very sexy and hot. They will leave even SRKKajol far behind after Dhoom 2. There is no match for them. Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha don’t look good together because Bipasha is damn hot while Abhishek Bachchan is not.

— Sunny


Hrithik and Aishwarya are definitely the hottest couple ever seen in Bollywood. Hrithik is a perfect and handsome actor while Aishwarya is the most beautiful and sexy lady in the world. So, when they finally arrive on the silver screen together, they will set the screen on fire. Abhishek Bachchan can’t match Hrithik in any way. I don’t think the audience will even notice him in Dhoom 2, forget his chemistry with sexy and sultry Bipasha.

— Mohit Rana, HOT winner