'Hrithik and Ash are not killers'

Published On: 2015-11-09

Author: Diganta Guha

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'Hrithik and Ash are not killers'


Source: HT

Date: November 13, 2006


Sanjay Gadhvi’s back in action. Dhoom 2, his much-awaited film, is all set to release on November 24. Confident on Dhoom 2’s prospects, the director firmly believes that the film will be as successful as his 2004 superhit Dhoom.


Excerpts from an interview:



How unique is Dhoom 2?

We have explored more interesting locations (Brazil, South Africa and Namibia). We have lots of action sequences and we have incorporated new techniques for our fight scenes. Besides that we've worked very hard on the songs as well. We've chosen different locations for our song sequences.


So, a lot of effort went into hunting locations. Nothing was done for the sake of it. Whatever was required for the script, we worked hard towards it. Dhoom 2 is young, vibrant, energetic and even cooler than Dhoom.



Dhoom 2 is a sequel to Dhoom. Is it something on the lines of Lage Raho Munnabhai?

This is a genuine, classical and conventional sequel. It is what you saw in the Rocky series. The cops Jai and Ali from Dhoom have another opponent. There is a new villain. It’s a two-and-a- half hour episode. You have to watch the film to find out how they catch the thief.


Does Hrithik Roshan become John Abraham at the end?

Absolutely not. He doesn’t become John Abraham. There is no truth in it. John was part of Dhoom and he died at the end of the film. Dhoom 2 has an absolute new case with a new thief and the film revolves around the case.


Are you making Dhoom 3?

No, it is merely a speculation on the part of the media. I will be making a film with Ashtavinayak. But I haven’t decided what to work on since I have been busy with Dhoom 2 produced by Yash Raj Films. So, it was not correct to work on anything else. And I also have no intention to turn independent producer.


How was the experience working with Hrithik and Ash in negative roles?

There’s no evilness in both Hrithik and Ash. They are just on the wrong side of the law. They are not killers. Their characters are all about style — looking cool and hot, giving the right expressions.

It’s more comic bookish. There’s nothing earth shattering. They are the two most most beautiful people in the country. To give them a wicked side and making them do something that is law breaking was a challenge. They share brilliant chemistry on screen.

What about Abhishek? You gave him his first hit with Dhoom…

He is the same. He is the boy who has grown up in Yash Raj’s house. Their families have good relationship. Abhishek thinks of Yash Raj as his home banner. He wanted to be part of Dhoom and take it forward.


The audience saw Ash in a traditional avatar in Umrao Jaan and now she looks glamorous in Dhoom 2…

She is unbelievably hot in the film — very sexy, charming and endearing. She is going to take everyone by surprise.


One of Ash’s costumes in the film has similarities with a costume worn by a British model Keeley Hazell in one of her calender shoots...

It doesn’t bother me. Ash is looking very nice in the film. If Ash is looking good, the matter ends there.


What about the music?

It’s bigger than Dhoom. In fact, it is a more complete album than Dhoom. I have no doubts in saying that Crazy Kiya Re will be the National anthem.