‘Dhoom’ again!

Published On: 2015-11-10

Author: Faheem Ruhani

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‘Dhoom’ again!


Date: November 12, 2006


Director Sanjay Gadhvi talks about baddie Hrithik and hottie Ash in his sequel ‘Dhoom 2.’


Are you confident about creating ‘dhoom’ again with ‘Dhoom 2’?


I have seen the first print of the film. It looks good. I’m reasonably confident about ‘Dhoom 2’ being well received.


What made you cast Hrithik Roshan?


It was exciting to cast him as a bad guy because he looks so sincere and honest. Giving him a little edge and making him wicked was great fun. That’s what excited him too.


Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu have worked hard on their bodies for the film.


‘Dhoom 2’ is all about being cool, hot and sexy. If Anahita Shroff is designing such fantastic outfits then you need the body to complement them. The actors realised this. They also want to appear good in front of the camera.


Is Ash wearing a bikini in the film?


I leave that to everybody’s imagination. It’s for them to buy a ticket and find out whether Ash is wearing a bikini or not!


Why didn’t you cast John Abraham in ‘Dhoom 2’?


Kabir (John’s character) rode off the edge of the cliff preferring to die. Being a sequel, the film’s much like a James Bond film where each time there’s a new baddie. It would’ve been an overkill to have John again. Look at Sherlock Holmes. You won’t find him solving the same case again. So, is the case with books including Famous Five, Hardy Boys or Vikram Vaitaal. I apologise to the women in India though (laughs). But I’m sure that they’re going to like Hrithik too. He’s as hot and sexy.


The music of Dhoom 2 has not caught on yet.


How long has it been since the music was released? Do you expect people to take off their clothes or bombs to explode? People will take their time to hear it. Once you see the visuals, the music grows on you. I guarantee that in two months I will be asked the reason for the music’s success.


There have been reports of ‘Dhoom 3’ too.


That’s absolutely rubbish! It’s speculation on the part of the media. There is no truth to it. Nobody is thinking about it right now. If there will be anything it would be much later.